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AYR Evidence Files
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Yowie Witness Audio Interviews


Listen to our Yowie eye witnesses sharing their sightings from around Australia. What you hear is just a basic synopsis of the full reports not containing full names or details of the Witnesses. **Under Australian Law, anyone that is recorded is required to provide Direct Consent prior to being recorded**

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Footprint & Foliage Evidence


These photos are of actual casts, footprint & Foliage evidence gathered on many expeditions undertaken by AYR and various connected members of our Group.

Most prints have 5 toes, however 3 toed prints are not uncommon

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Yowie Photo Footage?


You be the judge here


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AYR ExpeditionsExpeditions carried out by AYR team members
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Overseas Adventures


Adventure into the depths of the Solomon Islands jungles in search of the local Hairy Legend and the Amazon

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AYR Random Pictures in the Field & Out'n'About


Some of the AYR photo's from different locations over the years

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Pictures that don't have a home!


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Bigfoot Media


***Under Construction***

Only just starting on this Section.


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Australian Big Cats


Sightings of Panthers have been reported across Australia for Hundreds of years.


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Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger)


It was the world's largest marsupial carnivore until 1936 when the "official" last one (Benjamin), died in captivity in a zoo in Hobart. Yet they are still seen today in Tasmania and the Mainland.

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Special Expedition ReportsAll expeditions here are seperate to AYR activities but are relevant to our website and research into the unknown
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Art Gallery


This album showcases Crypto Art (submitted by artists) and Yowie Eye Witness Sketches (provided to AYR by individuals involved with Yowie case investigations)

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Random files
Sunshine Coast Tree Damage1440 viewsHealthy trees in an active area with un-natural damage
Aussie Wildman500 viewsThis fantastic picture was drawn by a terrific Canadian artist by the name of Greg Oakes for Dean. Greg is very talented and you can view more of his drawings at his website http://www.gregoakes.com
Thanks Greg!
Bungendor ACT, Yowie Encounter640 viewsDogs become disturbed in the middle of the night. Owner walks out to see them visibly shaken. In front of him 3-4m is a Yowie
Ormeau Qld, Yowie Encounter712 viewsJason is Logging on the hill next to where Dean Harrison had an encounter, and many further people have prior and past. He was very shaken when he first contacted us
Paul Clacher Carcass Find2000 viewsJuly 1999 near Bingara NSW, Paul finds a sheep carcass with the bones almost licked clean. This action is very cat like.
Jimna Tree Damage1589 viewsPossibly Black Cockatoo. Possibly Yowie.

Last additions
Hawkesburry River, NSW5359 viewsWitness Rachel and friends wander for a bushland walk and come face to face with a tall hairy man.Nov 18, 2010
Bendigo (area), Victoria4333 viewsJim witnessed a Yowie ran through his rural property near BendigoNov 18, 2010
Not all our Transport was Modern!2703 viewsJul 15, 2010
A Croc trying to sneak up on us at the bank of a river2379 viewsJul 15, 2010
Many Crocs at Las Lanos2418 viewsJul 15, 2010
Transport2302 viewsJul 15, 2010
Rick West and Dean Harrison3984 viewsJul 15, 2010
Accending Mountains from the Amazon2226 viewsJul 15, 2010

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