Location: Dungay, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1963

Time: 10am



The first time we were picking oranges and filling our gumboots with them. We were heading back with a couple of dogs. We were walking past patches of trees and rocks as we walked, when suddenly there was a big heavy roar. The dogs came racing out yelping with their hairs up on their backs. We could just it move, just like, the shadow of it in the bushes and we took off then. My sisters and younger brother took off home as fast as we could. It didn’t follow us.


Then another time after that, there was Dads tractors shed that was about 500 metres from the house and pear tree’s about 40 metres below the shed. Dad was in the shed working on the tractor and we were out picking pears and we heard a noise in the shed and we though Dad was still there.


So we started walking towards the shed, and this hairy thing walked out of the shed! It came walking out on two legs.

This was about 10am in the morning.


It had fairly long brown hair on it. About 6ft odd tall. Leaning forward a little bit as it walked. Kind of walking like a man, but pretty large. We saw it from side on.


So we hid behind the bank and watched it walk down the hill, then we took off home.


All four of us saw it. It would have been only 30 metres away when it was walking out of the shed.


Later on, my Father and brother were hunting and they found tracks. They said they were far larger than any man.






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