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Location: Kilcoy, Queensland

Date: May, 2001

After more reported sightings of two Yowies in the State forest of Kilcoy, the team decided it was time again for another trip to the area and we brought some of our surveillance equipment to be our eyes. It was also the second expedition for our two resident Rob and John. These guys are ex-Military turned Private investigators and have spent countless hours in the Australian bush professionally.

On the first day myself and Mike set up a separate base camp from the rest of the group in an area where we had the creature stalking us only months before. Ashley, Steve and Trevor made the huts their base, while the "ghosts" remained mobile.

Myself and Mike set up an 8 man tent which contained a battery pack on a trolley and an inverter for our 240V mains. We had a table that had a monitor and a surveillance camera bolted to a tree facing towards the tent. Everything was going to plan until we found that we were missing a $5 RC lead, (something that is normally always on hand in one of our equipment boxes).

It was starting to get late and the trip to the shops was now or never, so with no time to spare we headed off. While we were away getting this basic component, the "ghosts" walked the track up the mountain towards our top base camp. As they made their way near the site, they found over 15 large footprints on the top of our tyre tracks from when we drove to town. These prints, according to the Ghosts", were twice the stride of them and the prints were quite broad.

They continued to follow the prints towards the camp site and as they came around the last corner towards the tent, something ran off into the bush. They brought out their Binoculars at the same time and viewed a large creature behind bushes some 45 metres into the thick bush land. From there it turned and walked off past the lantana and not seen again.

When we arrived back to the bottom camp it was just before dusk and when we heard the story, it confirmed that if anything can go wrong in this business it will. The ghosts stressed that if we had of had the camera running, we would have the footage of 'whatever it was' lurking around our tent site.

In their opinion, it was hanging around the tent and although they didn't get a good enough visual, the prints almost confirmed what it was. So a $5 part crippled the expedition and it was also a part that I procrastinated about that very morning, then decided that someone else would have brought on along - lesson learnt, never presume.

For the rest of the night there was little to no action. We have learnt from many past expeditions that the action normally only happens on the first day or night so thats your time to do what you can. A costly mistake for us.

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