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Thylacine Sighting. Kenilworth Qld, 1998. Thylacine caught 1978. Nundle NSW.
Inquiry: DATE:1998
LOCATION:Obi-Obi Rd, between Mapleton & Kenilworth (QLD)
TERRAIN:Thickly wooded forest

Responding to a life threatening callout, two Ambulance officers from Nambour Ambulance Station headed to the Mountain township of Kenilworth.

The officer relating the story stated they were using the sirens in the forested areas to try to scare of the kangaroos from out of their way.

Upon navigating a corner leading to a staight stretch of the road, an animal the size of an average dog appeared in their high beam and was standing in the middle of the road.

As the Ambulance slowed down, the officers had a good close look at the creature at approximately 50 meters for about 5 to 10 seconds, before it ran into the bush. The officer relating the story stated that the animal was the size of a medium size dog, had a long ridged straight tail that was almost parallel to the ground as it walked and had definite dark stipes in a semi vertical configuation along the side of its body to its rump.

When they arrived back to the station they informed their colleagues that they were convinced they had seen a Tasmanian tiger. Unfortunately, they were laughed at.

Upon relating this story years later to another fellow Ambulance officer, this officer had the following story to relate.

In 1978, he was 7 or 8 at at the time and lived on a farm near Nundle NSW. The terrain was undulating wooded hillsides with ajoining farming valleys. The family set steel traps to catch rabbits/hares that were pests in the area. They checked them every few days also.

One particualr day they came upon a trap with a stange looking animal in it. It was about the size of a dingo but had a long staight tail with distinctive stripes down its back & sides. Her father realized that this was some unknown creature that they had never seen before.

The father and a neighbour got a hassion bag and threw it over the animal. The animal was growling aggressively at this time .With the bag over the animals head they were able to safely release it back into the wild. They never did see any sign of it again.

Andrew Thompson