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Thylacoleo sighting, Gilderoy Victoria 2002
My sighting was at a logging coup, outside Gilderoy, Victoria. Had followed one of the tracks into the coop, but well away from where current logging was taking place.

The terrain was fairly deep inside the coop:~10-15km from the main Gilderoy-Yarra Junction Road.

Was obvious that the coop had been subject to logging activity, but some time ago as the trunks of the remaining mountain ash trees were pretty well decayed. The road was clay/gravel and fairly damp. Mountainside one one side, steep drop to a gully/creek on the other.

I remember seeing a pretty well rusted wreck of a car in the gully. The further in we went, the less the signs of logging and the bush reverted back into the sort of mountain countryside that is all through the area.

What_they_saw = Driving into the coop, something started down the hillside on the RHS, got on to the road, stopped about 15m infront of us before continuing across the road and then made its way down into the gully on the LHS of the road. I was driving pretty slowly, given the condition of the road, and noticed that something was making the undergrowth on the hillside moved about. I thought it was probably just a kangaroo or a wombat and didnt think anything more of it until it got onto the road.

My first impressions were that it looked like a quoll on steriods. It was uniformly dark in colour, had the same sort of blunt head shape that a Tasmanian Devil has and a long tail like a kangaroo's which it appeared to use as some sort of balance or rudder.

It was definitely not a feral cat (it looked too much like a dog for that). It was about the size of a large dog, about 1-5 m long, but really reminded me of a Tasmanian Devil.

It loped or gamoblled into the middle of the road; stopped, looked in our direction; and sauntered off to the other side of the road and descended in to the gully. When we got to the same point; I got out and looked for it using one of the 4WD's spots - followed it for about 20m as it followed the course of the creek, crossed it and disappeared on the other side.
I have other reports about 'panther' sightings in the area (Gilderoy, Narbethong, Noojee, Marysville, the Archeron Gap and Way), but this didnt look anything like a typical panther or leopard.

Weather = Early morning, cold misty with slight drizzle - typical mid winter morning in the area

Creature_doing = Comming down the hillside, crossed the road and went down into the gully where it followed the creek for about 20m and then disappeared into bush the other side. When it got into the lights of the 4WD it stopped and looked at us before moving off - it really didnt seem to concerned about us being there