Location: Witheren, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: November, 2018

Time: 10.10am





I’m a truck driver and I deliver road base and drainage etc. I deliver to Canungra, the Coast and all over the place.


I was on the Beechmont Road at Witheren. On the east side of the road is the Canungra Land Warfare Base where there is miles and miles of thick bush and mountains nobody goes into. On the other side is bush and open properties and bush retreats.


On this day I was delivering to the top of the hill. It’s really secluded up there.


It was just after 10am in the morning and I was coming down the hill. I started coming around a sharp right hand corner and I thought I saw a boulder fall off the embankment onto the road. I’ve hit the brakes to stop so I didn’t hit this rock, and it stood up. It wasn’t a rock at all.


I managed to skid to a stop just before it and this thing just stood up in the right hand gutter and had already started stepping out on the road as I was skidding. It ended up standing right in the middle of my bonnet in front of me.


It was hairy, I could see through its hair. I could see its navel. It had hair all over it about 2” long. From its lips to its eyebrows, it had no hair. It had a round face, a bit like a chimpanzee. The eyes were dark – it was dark around the eyes and had black eyes but with a hazel colour around the pupil. It had a flat nose like it had been a boxer. I could see its ears, it didn’t have any hair on its ears. Its head looked too small for its body. The head seemed to look pushed forward like it was growing off the top of its chest, rather than off the top of the shoulders. The hair was a really dark brown with a reddish tinge to it, and matted. It was really big, it was huge. I could see its belly button above the bonnet of my truck and the top of the bonnet is 6ft off the ground. So its bellybutton was about 6ft high. I had the visor down and had to duck down to look up to see its face.


When it stepped out, it would have heard the brakes and truck locking it up around the corner. It spun around to see me and it seemed shocked, then it looked a little bit embarrassed and then it turned to anger. You could see anger in its face easily enough. He punched the centre of the bonnet with his hand, rather than his fist. It wasn’t a downward strike. It was more downward push type of hit like a defender in Rugby would say don’t argue with me. Like they would throw the arm out and push the defender away. It wasn’t a punch, it was like a push to say get out of my way. Because he was so tall, he had to reach down to do it. The force went from the front of the truck to the back. It didn’t move the truck, but it cracked the bonnet because it was fibreglass. I felt the force. It was like I’d hit a small car or something. There was a definite shudder in the truck. The truck is 9 ton empty.



Just before he hit the truck, he grunted. It wasn’t a scream or a cry, it was a deep grunt and then he smashed the bonnet. Then he turned to his right, took two steps and he was gone into the bush on my left hand side. I couldn’t see where he went from there.


I rolled the truck down the hill. I didn’t even put it in gear. I rolled down the hill around the S bends and pulled up at a park where they have caravans down the bottom. I was shaking. I had a smoke and a drink. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never seen anything so big, ‘magnificent’ is a word I would use to describe it. Whatever he was, he was a really fine specimen. You could see the muscle under his hair. You could see the pecks and the abs. His hair was matted but you could still see his form underneath it. Everything about it was magnificent. He was an ugly sucker but his body was just beautiful.



I didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t even tell my wife until a week ago. I didn’t want to get labelled as a wacko. I was really worried my wife wasn’t going to believe me, but she did. She said she’s sure there’s other things out there we also haven’t discovered. Today I finally felt I have to get it off my chest and tell someone.


It had big pectoral muscles, they weren’t breasts. I couldn’t see any penis at all. It was within a metre of the front of the truck, so I couldn’t see that low. I could only see from the bellybutton up. When he walked off I could only see the rear end of him. His butt was covered in hair also.


I estimate it to be 10ft tall. 10ft within an inch. I had to scrunch down in my seat to get eye contact with him. His head was as high as the truck. His bellybutton was above the 6ft bonnet. The truck is 9’6” and he was taller than that, so he was 10ft. The truck is an International S Line, your standard tipper truck with no bullbar. I reckon this thing could have picked up the front of the truck. The front is probably about 3 ton. It was about a metre and a half across the shoulders, or 4ft across the shoulders and about 2 and a half foot front chest to back. He would have been 400kg.


International S-Line Tipper


It had more of a rounded head rather than conical. It looked like a chimpanzee’s head. No neck. It turned from the shoulders and waist. It didn’t turn its head.


It was more animal than Human. I saw 3 different expressions on his face and they were very Human expressions. The first expression was like shock, the next one was embarrassment and the next one was anger. I saw all those expressions flash over his face. The rest was all animal. He growled/grunted and palm shunted the front of the truck, then that was it and he was gone.


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[As an interesting side note: This message was left on one of your Youtube pages one week before we released this Report].


Kate B • 1 week ago

You might want to check out the area around the Marian Shrine on Beechmont Road, Witheren, in the Gold Coast hinterland. It's a park-like setting surrounded by virgin bush in a valley. I was standing near a shrine at the edge of the bush when I heard a sort of loud tongue-clicking sound quite close to me, about 4 to 7 metres away. I kept still and listened for a while and it wasn't like the bird sounds around the area. Then I turned and faced the sound suddenly and it stopped. I stayed for a few minutes longer and the sound didn't re-start. At the same property there is a very high ridge at the back boundary of acreage. I've walked around the base and heard strange whooping calls from multiple places at the top of the ridge where there are no paths and nobody goes.






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