Strange and unexplained footprints are found all over Australia. Many of them are found in locations where the Yowie has been seen. 

Below is a sample of some of the prints that have been found over recent years.


 Yowie Footprints are often hard to find due to Australian hard terrain in many areas.






This 15" (380mm) print was found on private block of land at Tara in Queensland, by Mr. Moroney. Next to this impression was a tree driven upside down into the ground. Mr. Moroney states, "there are two groups living on this property - one far more aggressive than the other." The location is just south of well known Yowie sighting areas. 





While camping in a group near Sue's Bridge, along the side of the Blackwood River in Western Australia - 2022, Mr. J. Barr discovered rain washed footprints measuring 400mm / 16-17". The prints seem to be flat footed and flare heavily at the instep as expected. The Blackwood State Forest links with Yowie sightings in other areas.





 Ongoing finds in the Nightcap National Park and Whian Conservation Area, New South Wales, lead to these footprints being discovered. Seemingly large prints being followed by the small prints, as shown. The area has all the signs associated with an active Yowie area, along with previous sightings surrounding the location.





After reading an AYR Article in 2012, J. Dunn and friend explored a remote area of Tamborine Mountain in August of that year. He reported noises etc and this lone print was discovered. No size reference was provided, however the proportions look correct.







During a spate of Yowie sightings in the Miles / Chinchilla area on Queensland, Mr Poenrose discovered a series of massive bipedal footprints with 5 toes around his dam in Novemeber of 2019. 







After several years of activity in the Marysville area of Victoria, of which he has Documented, Mr. Higgins sent the AYR various pictures of prints he cast in 2021. Marysville is on the cusp of past Yowie sightings.




 Found on a sandbar in the middle of the Abercrombie River in 1988-9 by a couple looking for old Gold mining shafts. There were several prints at the location that were destroyed by another native animal prints over the top them. When camping that night, sounds of roaring and crashing through the bush were heard.





Hannah Vale June 2019. Heavy weight. 40cm long. Credit: M. Dalton





Set of footprints found on a remote property at Widgee, Queensland in late 2018. Locked gates and no public access.

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Giant Handprint found on the back of a Toyota Landcruiser parked in the East Nanango State Forest in Queensland overnight. In the second picture, you can see the size of a human hand in the bottom left. Dermal ridges are apparent. Credit: W. Talbot

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Footprint found in the Barrington Tops, New South Wales by Canadian Professor of Microbiology

and Chemistry, Burris Ormsby in 1986





Footprints found at the Barrington Top, New South Wales by Matt in 1986






Print found in a Cow Pat in a remote area of Ashford, New South Walesnear two past Yowie Sightings by Darren in 2018. The smaller toe is apparent, 

however the foot has over stepped the print by 3 inches. Looks as though the left foot was also standing on the felt side of the Cow Pat.






Yowie Prints discovered by a Government worker while conducting surveys near Kinds Road in Ulladulla in 2016.

Credit - Brett Young






Large Prints found at Wivenhoe Dam by Lee Shakespeare in 2018







Yowie prints found by Sebastian in September 2015 at Barraganyatti, near Kempsey New South Wales.

Roadworks for the Pacific Hwy were underway and the creature damaged a high tensile steel cyclone fence when it climbed over it.


Credit - S. Derwent






Left print was cast in 2001 at Kilkivan Queensland, and is sitting beside the Springbrook cast as a comparison. Definitely Yowie footprints.

Credit - Dean Harrison






yowie footprint

 Footprint Found by Micheal at Linden in the Blue Mountains - 2006. His shoe size of 30.5cm.

Credit - Michael Bastion






 Yowie Print found at Blackbutt/Linville area, Queensland in 2015

Credit - S. Lurie






This print comes from Wilcania, Queensland 2004, from a truck driver names Paul. Paul had also witnessed a Yowie carrying a Roo on the side of the road while driving.

Credit - Paul -Truck Driver







A cast of a print by a Yowie that attacked a campervan during the night while we were on expedition at Kilkivan in 2000.

Credit - Dean Harrison






Latex mold of the Kilkivan cast showing a very broad instep.

 Credit - Dean Harrison





The original prints of the above cast in the mud at Kilkivan.

 Credit - Dean Harrison





The larger Kilkivan print being cast in a creek bed in 2001.

Credit - Dean Harrison





Large bare feet tracks found in the snow at Sapphire Bend, Oberon (Yowie Hotspot)

New South Wales in July 2015 

Credit - S. O'Brien






A Gold Prospector found this strange print in bush land near Stanthorpe, Queensland, in March of 2014.

Credit - K. Godfrey





One of three prints found embedded in sandstone somewhere in remote Queensland. Real prints, or aboriginal art?

Credit - Roma Ravn






Photo two of three.

Credit - Roma Ravn






Three of three.

Credit - Roma Ravn




Large plaster cast of footprints found at a location in Springbrook, in the Queensland Hinterland in 1999/2000

Credit - Dean Harrison





Large print found in a creek bed in forest outside Cunungra, Queensland, in 2001.

Credit - Name Withheld 





Strange clawed prints found in forest near Wentworth Falls, New South Wales, in 2011.

Credit - Dean Harrison





Size scale of the previous prints from Wentworth Falls.

Credit - Dean Harrison





Large prints found deep in the Nunimbah Valley in 2011.

Credit - Dean Harrison





Mysterious prints found early one morning on a very remote property at Bungonia /Bundanoon, New South Wales, in 1983.





Extremely large hand print found in a creek bed near footprints at Kilkivan in 2001.

Credit - Dean Harrison






Footprint found at Linden, New South Wales, in 2006.






Footprints found in a remote location of the Blue Mountains near Tablelands Road, November 2011.

Credit - Dean Harrison






Another print found during the same Expedition to the Blue Mountains near Tablelands Road, in 2011.

Credit - Dean Harrison






Bizarre handprints found on top of a Bobcat early one morning on a remote property at Gayndah, Queensland, in 2005.

 Credit - D. Glenn and D. Thornton






Closer look at the dermal ridges of the strange handprints from Gayndah.

Credit - D. Glenn and D. Thornton






Large bare footprint found crossing a creek in the middle of dense forest at Hazelbrook, New South Wales, in 2000.

Credit - Dean Harrison






15" Prints with the gait 1.5 times of a man found near Goulburn, New South Wales, in 2006

Credit - B. Jones






Found by in the Nerang State Forest - Ausgust 2013. Hand prints and footprints.

Credit - Scott Darlington