A mix of footage taken by the AYR - Yowiehunters over the years, and pictures sent in by followers



Some images may seem ambiguous, while others a clear and apparent.





Footage from 09-04-2021 Thermal Camera during a Springbrook Expedition in Queensland. Members present on the night were Buck Buckingham (who filmed the footage), Gary Lynn, Shannon Guthrie and Dean Harrison.

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The picture above is a good reason natives in most countries don't like walking alone in the forests at night. Buck captured this being hiding behind a tree stump. It appears to be the same description of one that walked out behind Dean Harrison and Gary Lynn two weeks later.


Another angle of the stump being looking directly at Buck.


The two large Yowies that walked through the forest together. One on the right is looking to his side, and the other is standing behind keeping watch. They know humans are in the area, because we are playing classical music as an attractant. 


Yowie on the right is now looking in Buck's direction.


Compilation of 3 angles as the Yowie on the right bends over to pick something up off the ground. Remember to watch the video.


The fronds they are standing behind measuring 8ft. The Yowies tower over them. 


Size comparison to Gary, Shannon, Dean and Buck. The shape of the Yowie is completely different and appears to have no neck. 


Someone began trying to convince people the Yowie(s) are Gary. Even with enlarging Gary, there is zero comparison. The other aspect to debunk such a fruitless claim, is both Buck and Gary were panning around and filming each other at the time, then Gary is filmed by Buck walking towards him from the opposite direction. Also note, the Yowie doesn't have a beard.



Side view of a VERY hominid shaped head, that can't be confused with a human.


A good detailed description.





Image on the right taken by Dean Harrison while on Expedition at Bellbird Grove on 25-01-2021, using the aging FLIR. Creature could be heard walking bipedally down the opposite slope at midnight. It is then observed being in a hominid form as it walks behind a tree. It looks out at Dean twice, before making off back up the hill in the cover of foliage. The left image is Buck Buckingham standing at the same location in daylight hours. We measured the being to be 9ft tall. 




Not the best sample from moving footage. Strange anomaly caught on Dean Harrison's Go Pro located on his back. In the footage, there isn't any doubt that whatever it was, wasn't normal and seemed to be in a hominid type form that stood out from the foliage. Location: Springbrook 2021





Still's from a video taken by Dean Harrison while on Expedition at Kilkivan, Queensland in 2012, of a shadowy figure squatting in the remote forest, watching. The same location Dean was hit by a Yowie after midnight  on 02-01-2009





On Expedition in Hazelbrook, Blue Mountains with Buck Buckingham 18-05-2006. Dean Harrison caught sight of something large following Buck out of a valley. Dean radioed Buck saying 'You have some company behind you', and reeled off a series of photos as it came closer. In the last two photo's, you can clearly see the eye, head and shoulder as it looked around a tree.




This bizarre 'something' was caught on the back road at Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia in 2019, by some local Aboriginals. They called it a Mummari (Hairy Man). 




Some people see this immediately, and others not at all. J. Creek and his brother were eating lunch on the side of a dirt road in the Watagan State Forest, New South Wales in 2002. On the video, the Hominid can be seen standing behind the tree and putting it's head out watching them. Unfortunately, they watched the original tape a few hundred times, and pausing it, causing the tape to scrub out. 





While on AYR Expedition in the Gold Coast Hinterland on 06-11-2020, Gary Lynn captured several images of what he says were two Yowies walking down the hill ahead of him, using the first of our new Thermal Cameras




This picture was taken by M. Gordon as she was travelling through the bush at Ballandean (between Tenterfield and Stanthorpe) in Queensland in 2018. You should be able to see it between the trees in the centre. 




After a face to face daylight sighting in bush land at Deepwater, Queensland in 2014, Miss Owens father went outside to check of various noises. He was confronted by a large 9ft bipedal creature with red glowing eyes. The batteries in the flashlight suddenly went flat. When he turned around, there was a second one. He ran back to the house, but not before he reeled off this picture.




Caught on Google Street view by S. Cranwell. Picture taken at Tamborine Mountain in 2019. We went to the location immediately, and the extremely tall figure or what you see here, was nowhere to be seen on the property. 




Another Google Maps image sent in. Check between the trees right of centre.




Images sent in to the AYR by Mr. Trask in Feb of 2021. Taken on his property near Nanango, Queensland, you can see a face in the falk of a tree, looking in his direction.




A group of Yarrabah men driving back from Port Stewart in Far North Queensland, witnessed what they believed to be a Yowie in 2014. This is a zoomed and enhanced version of the original.





A Yowie was witnessed by an American National named Gloria, near the township of Shell Harbour in New South Wales in Jan of 2019. She noted it had a profound sagittal crest. This is the picture she took at the time.




Picture taken on a down hill slope by Dean Harrison while on Expedition at Bellbird Grove, Queensland on 26-03-2021. Also present at the time were Buck Buckingham and Gary Lynn.




Photo sent in from K. Aitken of a figure standing in the driveway of a Kuranda home, west of Cairns. The lady who had taken the grainy photo was first alerted by her dog, which at the time was going wild. When she went outside to see what the commotion was about, she saw the being walking towards the dog. After she shot this picture, it turned and walked away. Due to fear at the time, the lady said her hand was shaking as she took the shot. 



Picture sent in by Mrs. Arnie - Geraldton, Western Australia in 2017. Being can be seen standing and watching behind bushes right of centre




Photo taken at Cedar Creek, Mt. Tamborine Circa. 1988. Lady bushwalking heard crashing coming through the forest. As the bipedal visitor came close, she managed to take this picture.



Photo by J. Martin taken in 2018 on a fire trail at Halfway Creek, below Grafton. It was seen crossing the track and into the trees. When Mr. Martin stopped his car at the location, it was seen looking out from between a falk in the tree. The two bottom images are blown up and filtered.