Many people ask what to look for in Yowie active areas. Below are common anomalies synonymous in areas with many Yowie Sightings. It is thought they use simple stick structures and patterns to communicate with each other.




Stick structures such as what are known as 'Tee-Pee's' and common place in active areas all over the World.


Tee-Pee found by Warwick, 5kms out of Yarra Junction in 2016. Warwick had also explained some mysterious noises that he never heard before.


Tee-Pee found by Gary Opit near Currumbin, Queensland, in 2008


Tee-Pee in an active loacation at Springbrook, Queensland in 2013


Stick formation at Springbrook in 2013


Field of sticks driven into the ground up to 8" deep in the Gold Coast Hinterland in 2012


Numerous structures with branches and sticks pushed in to the ground and formed into Tee-Pee's


Dereck documenting the various finds


Don't miss the subtle signs!


The fruit next to this formation was total foreign to the area - 2013. 


This location was miles into thick Gold Coast Hinterland Rain Forest - 1999


We believe this was a gift from a Yowie we spent a lot of time with at Springbrook.


View of the top of a Tee-Pee to show how the sticks are locked together


Rock stacks found in a Yowie active area (Tablelands Road, Wentworth Falls) of the Blue Mountains in 2005



More stacks found during the night in bushland of the Blue Mountains.


Possible formation in the Watigans, New South Wales. Very well known hot spot.


Structure in the forest at Daisy Hill, Queensland, where there have been past encounters


Bush bed found in thick forest near Ningi, Queensland, in 1999


Another classic sign are trees pulled down and held in place by weaving the end between other trees - Blue Mountains 2000. This is three shots to show the full picture of how this tree was secured.


Look for healthy trees that have been bend down so far they break. This tree was very healthy and had no reason to have been snapped. We believe the berries on the end were target. Kilkivan - 2010


Trees are often pulled a part for the grubs inside - Nigel


Exhibit B - Nigel.


And the extreme!