Below are a sample of Yowie Sketches by Witnesses who have encountered the creature. Many attributes are strikingly similar in various sketches.


 Witness Reports of the Yowie since the start of the 1800's describe the exact same creature still being seen today.





Sketch by Shannon Guthrie of the 5ft juvenile squatting on Beechment Road, Witheren at 4.10am 16-06-2022. Shannon had come around a steep bend while riding his bike down the mountain range, and suddenly corrected his driving line to avoid hitting it. The Yowie turned its head and upper torso, while putting its hand out towards the bike as it braced for impact. The other hand was flat on the road. Its hand grazed Shannon and the bike, as he passed. 




Michael had a good report from Henty Road, Redbank, West of Brisbane in 1989. Another location that seemed to have an active period many years ago. Black face and fingers, hair was dark brown and covered the entire body. Michael is 5'7" and he said this was shorter. The eyes were something that fascinated him - he states, "It had the freakiest eyes I’ve ever seen, almost like teddy bear eyes, they were almost like black buttons, shiny and they pierced right through you. To me it felt hypnotic."







Kieron and a friend were riding their bikes through the pine forest at the back of Palm Beach in 1978, when they were confronted by an 8ft hairy biped standing beside a tree watching them. He says the hair was 2 to 3" long, the face was between human and ape, pungent odour and very red eyes. It roared at the boys before they fled. Interestingly, we had a spate of sightings in that area during the 70's. 





Mt. Warreneip, Victoria. Geoff was parked at an abandoned house with his girlfriend late at night when a massive creature appeared walking from side to side towards them. They both had the fright of their lives. It disappeared behind some bushes before popping up again somewhere different. He stated the car and high tailed it out of there. He said the head and shoulders were huge. Ironically, only two weeks later on Tierneys Road, not far away, he had a more dramatic encounter with a group of friends. 





Angela came face to face with with this guy looking at her through a window outside her house at Mangrove Swamp, north east of Darwin in 1979. She said he was covered all over with 2 to 3" hair, had black skin and had a curious expression on it's face. It left back for the forest without incident. 





 This little freak was spotted outside the kitchen window eating out of a dog bowl on a rural property near Cressbrook Creek, Queensland. He was hairless, and had pasty white skin. The comment from the Witness was he resembled Golem from Lord of the Rings. It looked up at the window, got a fright and ran back off into the forest. You just don't know what's lurking about out there.





Nathan had a terrifying experience at Cattai, New South Wales in 2017 while camping alone. This is one of his visitors during the night. He reports that it appeared to have one red diamond shaped eye. Sounds unusual? Yes, but no.... we have received other reports in the past of much the same. 




 Sketch of what we call, 'Fabio the Yowie'. A Yowie that walked in front of the car of a husband and wife during the night at Mt. Hotham in 2015, carrying a cow bell. He was over 7ft tall and had long blonde hair. That wasn't their only encounter that weekend. After their 2nd, they swore never to return. The full report can be found in the Audio section of our website #183




Witness Ms. Sharron Williams was driving north through Bongil Bongil, New South Wales,  in the middle of the night on Jan 1 2008, when a creature appeared to the right and keeping pace of her car. Listen to the full story on our Website -  Audio Report #174





Sketch from P. Giffin based on two sightings  from the Mangadery / Dilladerry forests in 2011 and 2016. Both were said to behave in completely different manners.




Fingal Head, New South Wales 1991. Sketched by K. Slabb. Witnessed by a group of locals sitting on the side off a sandy road. When it looked up as they came closer, they realized it was not human. 



Strickland, New South Wales 2017. Two girls hiking were followed by two Yowies at 2.30pm. This is Sarah's Sketch of what she Witnessed. You can read the full Report or Listen.





Owens Creek, Queensland 2017 - Witness Yowie Sketch by W. Bradford. While searching for his hunting dogs, Mr. Bradford was confronted by huge hairy creature standing next to a tree and grasping it with its right hand. 





Creature running along the side of a car on Woy Woy Road at 8pm outside the Brisbane Water National Park, New South Wales in 2015. Credit to Pablo.




Witness Sketch of the Woolooga (Queensland), Yowie. This Yowie was witnessed by Kevin and Leonard while driving along the Wide Bay Highway in broad daylight in 2012






Witness Sketch from Bemm River in Gippsland, Victoria - 2007. Seen standing on the side of the road at 2pm. Appeared to be in its teenage years, but standing at around 8ft tall with an almost "cheeky smirk".

Courtesy of D. Bennett.




The two above Witness Sketches are from an incident which occurred in November 2018

on Beechmost Road at Witheren, Queensland. The full Report can be heard in our Audio Report

Section of our Website or in our Sighting Database under Queensland.

The third drawing is by Buck Buckingham (Brisbane Artist), who sat with the Witness for a more accurate depiction






Witness Sketch of a Yowie by Mandy, seen on the roadside north of Roma, Queensland

in July 2018




 Witness Sketch from Maria Speer after her sighting at Eden, New South Wales in 1995.




Witness Sketch from A. Owen of a creature witnessed by herself and father 

in the Deepwater National Park in 2014





Witness Sketch of a Yowie running across a paddock near Bucca, New South Wales in March 2017.






Michael Allison and brothers Sketched this depiction of a creature they Witnessed 

along Summerland Way between Casino and Whiporie, NSW in 1974





Witness Yowie Sketch from Jiggi, New South Wales in 2003 of a slim hairyman no larger than 5ft tall.

(Courtesy of Mrs. McRae)





Witness Yowie Sketch from Picton Road, West of Sydney 2015 

(From first Witness, Jenny)




Witness Yowie Sketch from Picton Road, West of Sydney 2015 

(From Second Witness, Tim)




Witness Yowie Sketch from Cowley Beach, Queensland in 1997





Witness Yowie Sketch by G. Hall near Parks, New South Wales in 1982




Witness Yowie Sketch from Warwick, Queensland in 1997




Witness Yowie Sketch by A. Ward at Cessnock, New South Wales in 2006




An 1880's Illustration by J.B. Clark, depicting Arthur Bicknell's enounter

near the Einaslrigh River, in Northern Queensland




Witness Yowie Sketch by A. Marion at Cooma, New South Wales in 1981



Witness Yowie Sketch by K. Tucker at Acacia Hills, Northern Territory in 1997




Witness Yowie Sketch from Eudlo, Queensland in 1990





Sketch by Scott, who in Jan of 1978, came home to his house at 

Springbrook to find something resembling this in his house. He threw a chair 

at it before running 4kms towards the Springbrook Homestead





Witness Yowie Sketch by Dean Harrison at Hazelbrook, New South Wales in 1999




Witness Yowie Sketch by Dean Harrison at Hazelbrook, New South Wales in 1999




Witness Yowie Sketch by F. Burke at Mt George, New South Wales in 2009




Witness Yowie Sketch by F. Maron at Woollamia, New South Wales in 1985




Witness Yowie Sketch by M. Cullen at Maria River, New South Wales in 1935




Witness Yowie Sketch by J. Webster at Tully, Queensland in 1985





Sketch by Shaun Cooper of a creature he saw tearing bark from a tree in Nerang, Gold

Coast in 1978. The creature reportedly left 3 toe prints.





Witness Yowie Sketch by S. Parrin at Gootchie, Queensland in 1987





Witness Yowie Sketch by P. Terrill at Coonabarabran, New South Wales in 1978





Witness Yowie Sketch by P. Byrnes at Cudgen, New South Wales in 2008





Witness Yowie Sketch from the Vulcan State Forest, New South Wales in 1988. 




Witness Yowie Sketch by Geoff Nelson at Taree, New South Wales in 1996





Witness Yowie Sketch by J. Clark at Mullumbimby, New South Wales in 1996