A collection of interesting reading of Historical Yowie Sightings:




2023- Monsters, Mists and Mysteries.... by Paul Clacher.


Australian content about Cryptids aren't as prevalent as most other Countries. Make the most of it while you can.
My long term Friend for over 25 years, Paul Clacher has released a Memoir of his experiences during his life, pertaining to various anomalies people on this Forum will be interested in.
I've spent a lot of quality time with Paul, and he writes;
"This book was a long time in the making. I have always had an interest in mysterious stories since I was young. But it was not really until November 1991 when I was detecting for gold in Jones' Creek near the location of Wanyarra in Victoria, Australia, when that all changed. I was swinging my gold detector over a brown clay step up in the mostly dry, creek bed and as I did that, I froze in my tracks. I instantly reached over to the machete on the left side of my webbing belt and I went into a cold sweat. I then started to slowly look up, fully expecting to see a lion in front of me.
There ARE monsters out there in the Australian Bush and Forests.
I HAVE encountered them. They exist and they ARE real....
Everything written here in this book REALLY did happen to me.
The book is a compilation of witness sightings, experiences and strange occurrences by myself and others with Big Cats, Ghosts, UFO's and other unexplained mysteries in Australia"

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THE YOWIE FILE, by Tony Healy and Paul Cropper (2023)

A catalogue containing 336 pages of Witness reports and Illustrations 

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The Yowie, by Tony Healy and Paul Cropper (2006). 

Published by Anomalist Books

Historical articles from the early colonial era to the modern day. Possibly the best book written.

This is the Yowie Enthusiast's Bible.


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Out of the Shadows, by Tony Healy and Paul Cropper (1994)

Published by Anomalist Books

A collection of reports of the Mystery Animals of Australia including the Yowie. Its the first decent book written on the Yowie.


*Currently out of circulation and a collectors item. 







Bigfoots and Bunyips, by Malcolm Smith (1997)

A collection of Mystery Australian Animals, including a large section on the Yowie


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Yahoo Creek, by Tohby Riddle (2019)

An interesting layout of illustrations and facts from old Newspaper clippings and some quotes from Aboriginal Elders. This is like a Coffee Table Book filled with tasty tit-bits from the late 1800's to the very early 1900's. This isn't heavy reading, so it suits both adults and children.


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Turramulli the Giant Quinkin, by Percy Trezise and Dick Roughsey (1988)

Published by Gareth Stevens

A Dreamtime Childrens book which is still very popular. It was often read in Schools and is still found in most libraries.


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Man-Beast by Deborah Sheldon [Fiction] 2021


Taylor’s Travelling Troupe of boxers has set up its tent at an isolated sheep station: bored farmers always bet to excess.

Headlining the bare-knuckle fighters is Bluey, marketed as ‘The Man-Beast’, a Sasquatch-like monster [Yowie], chained and kept drunk enough to fight punters without killing them. But the troupe has returned to where Bluey was first captured.

Recognising the mountains, he calls again and again. And when his call is answered, all hell breaks loose.


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This is currently the only Yowie based movie worth watching. Its not too bad at all. Like most movies of this genre, its always advisable to go in with low expectations. Having Vernon Wells in the cast (Mad Max 2 and Commando), works for the movie. Its definitely a movie for all the Yowie enthusiasts out there.  



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