The Sydney Morning Herald, 8 June 1935, p.11



[This account by "Eureka" suggests tha the douligah of the aborigines on the south coast is to be identified with a kind of gorilla.] Though there are few full blodded aborigines still remaining on the south coast of New South Wales, you can still hear all about the "Douligah", or the hairy man, from the few who do remain.


Every aboriginal on the south coast firmly believed in the evidence of the douligah, and they dreaded him as children dread the bogeyman. They describe the douligah as a man of powerful build, capable of tearing down small trees and lifting great rocks.


He had hair all over his body, and though the remained in the mountains during daylight he frequently visited the abos camps at night, and sent them scampering for shelter in caves. There are more than one douligah in the bush, apparently.


The natives about Nowra had seen one, whilse those at Twofold Bay also believed that one lived in the mountains there. We are apt to discredit these stories of the Aborigines, but it is quite possible that such a creature did exist in the early years.

Perhaps he was a kind of gorilla.


We have no proof that such creatures could not live here as they do in Africa and other parts.








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