Canberra: History of and Legends Relating to the Federal Capital Territory of the Commonwealth of Australia – John Gale 1927

Page 132.




Next comes the creature known as the Yahoo, or hairy man of the mountainous regions, in the neighbourhood of the Brindabella.


The various and obscure reports of such an animal, and they are many, may well be dismissed as not being worthy of record. But who is it to get away from this? Than the Messrs.


William and his deceased brother, Joseph Webb, late of Urayarra, there are no more reliable truth-telling men to be found.


This I had from their own lips. They were mustering cattle in the rugged country on the north side of Brindabella, and at the close of one days muster, sat in the twilight enjoying their evening meal. Presently their quietude was broken by the rush of cattle from some gullies below.


Following the stampeding beasts was a man-like thing, whose coat was as hairy as that of a gorilla.


Though challenged by the surprised brothers, the thing neither spoke or turned. Whereupon a shot was fired in the direction he had taken, and there was silence and undisturbed response for the rest of the night.


Next morning the course taken by the stampeding cattle and their hirsute pursuer was followed by the brothers, who found the distinct traces of blood, but no sign of anything living or dead.


This is the story of two men of well balanced minds, the very antithesis of hysterically disposed individuals.






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