Location: Barrington Tops, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date of Sighting: 2003






When I was about 18-19 we had stop the car on a track that heads up to a lookout at a place in the Tops called Mt. Allyn and I saw a single footprint in some solidified mud. There was only one print, so I didn’t take much notice of it. It was bigger than a Human print.


A couple of years later we were at a place in the Tops called Polblue swamp during snow season. We went into the bush looking for animals when I stepped in what I thought was a hole, which turned out to be a series of footprints. My footprint impressions in the snow were about 2” – these were a good 6”. If I put my heal in the prints against its heal, it was a good 3 ½ to 4” longer.


We followed the prints for about 3km until we lost them, which took about an hour.


Then around 2003 myself and my wife were gold panning at Copeland Tops, which is just East of the Barrington Tops in the afternoon and we had this horrible feeling of being watched.


I didn’t take that much notice of it until my wife said she didn’t feel comfortable and wanted to leave. We packed up our things and started walking back down the trail towards the car. Every so often we could hear a branch crack or a rock roll and we knew we were being followed. We finally got down to the old mine site where there’s a bit of a clearing and we turned around a looked back to see who or what it was and it ran from behind one tree to another.


It was a few feet taller than an average Human running upright – about 8 or 9ft tall and covered in a reddish brown coloured hair all over its body. The hair was fairly long or shaggy.


We weren’t hanging around. We left pretty quickly.













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