Location: Wollemi National Park, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: April, 2002






Hi Dean,

On the 29/3/2002 at 18km west of Newnes in the Wollemi National Park, past Lithgow in NSW about 6pm in forest foliage with scattered trees, near the Wolgan River.


I set off from Newnes in the Wolgan Valley in the Blue Mountains to catch up with some friends who had left a day earlier. We were off to rock climb in an area approximately 18km west of Newnes in some unclimbed area - Wolgan Pillars, two 200m pillars.



I had a strange sensation of being followed for quite some time. Normally i am fine with hiking and camping by myself as I’ve done it many times previously. After making a river crossing of the Wolgan River, I had walked about another 1.5km along a prior 4WD track, which was now fairly overgrown.



It was the first clearing for some time in which I’d come across in the whole 5hours of the hike. The track weaved and closely hugged the river it journeyed with. I was co-eeing and calling out the names of my friends Simon and Joe as night was encroaching, and still no sign of either them or the pillars we were to climb.



I then heard a crashing sound about 20 metres to my right hand side. Out of the tree line came a large figure, approximately 6ft tall, hunched over, black with a large torso, weaving between some trees, knocking others over.



It looked as if it were going to intersect me at the track ahead. Running very fast with agility, I originally thought it was my friend Simon intending on scaring me. I called out "Simon" as it kept running, staying low to the ground. I had plenty of time to make out that it was not a kangaroo, nor a wombat, not a cat, but very human like.



It then hid behind a smallish tree, then vanished......slightly petrified, i searched in vain for my pocketknife which couldn't be found. I kept walking along the track to where i saw it vanish, and sure enough......nothing was there. At the time, I didn't think to look for evidence footprints.



Shortly after, the rain poured in, so I set up camp about 500m from the sighting area. Next morning i turned for home as the rain hadn't ceased all night, the rock no doubt slippery. It was made worse as I couldn't see prints of my friends anywhere.



However, on walking back to Newnes that morning, I saw evidence of large footprints across the track, fresh and exemplified by the rain and mud. This is a true story, as i knew nothing of the Yowie prior to this.



Descriptions and behaviour from this website had correlated nearly perfectly with what I experienced..............








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