Location: Woy Woy (Brisbane Water National Park), New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: June 2015

Time: 8pm




Hi Dean,


It was 2015...around May or June.


Every two months or so we do a trip to Killcare in Central Coast to visit my in-laws therefore the route is very well known to us. Normally I’m the family driver but this time I felt tired and it was already after 8pm before leaving home so I asked my wife to do the driving.


After exiting the freeway we normally take Woy Woy road. We had just left behind the Rural Fire Service Headquarters at the outskirts of Kariong...it wouldn’t have been even a minute when all of a sudden a group of Kangaroos jumped in front of us approaching from the left side and running forward crossing the road. There was no moon or oncoming traffic so the only lights were ours. As this was a sudden thing my wife had to break a bit hard and we almost hit a couple of them but luckily nothing happened. My guess we dropped our speed to 50 or 60 k/h. One didn’t make the jump; it just run on my left and a bit to the front for half a second and veered hard disappearing into the dark. Then I noticed in my peripheral vision another one running right next to me.


As I turned my head to see it properly I couldn’t understand what I was looking at. Time seemed to slow down and it was like my brain was trying to figure out meaning by a process of comparison to known objects in my memory. My inner talk was like: “... is this a roo?, it is not because roos do not run moving the harms like a sprint athlete. It has to be a roo...not because they do not have humanoid round skulls.... is it a person then?!...if it is one then it is a very hairy one!... but not because humans do not have muzzles like a dog or a fox!...it has to be a roo!... no...look at its ears!!!!...right on the side of its head and not on the top...and are small... but pointy!” This had the nose and snout of a dog.



That was the sort of mental internal check I was having... whilst this thing was running a meter and a half or two next to my door... or perhaps just a little behind... between the back door and mine. Then I thought about its size...it was too big. Two meters tall plus easily and very muscular and lean....effectively like a sprint athlete. Because everything was so dark and it was on the side and not the front I couldn’t tell what colour it was... its tonality was very close to the environment...like the bush; not darker or lighter which made recognition more difficult. 


I naturally focused on its face... I didn’t pay attention to its legs or the hands (they were moving fast) although they were in my visual periphery and awareness. The hands seemed to have long fingers ending in pointy straight claws and hair. The body hair wasn’t long or too thick therefore I was able to see how it came out from the skin around the contour of its head. I couldn’t see eye colour because of the angle...just they seemed to be well set inside the orbits.


Then I started to feel a horrible dread... This thing perhaps was chasing its dinner and we stuffed its chase up so he must be pissed off... I thought I have my wife next to me who hasn’t noticed anything, and my two little boys sleeping at the back. This creature possibly could push us off the road, it looked that strong, particularly because my wife also wouldn’t be expecting it. Then as I thought it was about to turn its head to look at me which was a horrific thought then it steered off hard to the left and it disappeared in the darkness of the bush...as it did I could see the details of its well-developed trapezius muscle and the roundness of its head with the pointy ears in the same position of a normal human. Then it was just bush passing by at speed and all was dark. That was the last image and it disappeared like it never happened.


The whole ordeal must have been just 6 to 7 seconds at the most!... I turned my head to see my wife but said nothing.


In 2017 I was sharing a studio with two artists with aboriginal heritage and I decided to tell my strange story after they opened up about few things that had happened to them. Although none was really versed in the more secret aspects of their culture, they told me it was probably an ancient being from the Dreamtime called noo-noo-koo [my spelling]. A shepherd of the bush who possibly visits the elders for secret ceremony...although that was more their guess than anything else. 


One of them asked me to point in Google maps where the encounter happened and when we checked it to our surprise we realised it was right next to the Bulgandry Aboriginal Secret Art Site.


 That is my story.


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Transcription of Audio Report:


[Turned onto Woy Woy Road, heading towards Woy Wow and travelled for approx. 1 or 2 minutes]


On this particular evening I was feeling a bit tired so I asked my wife to do the driving. So I guess that gave me a chance to look around and look on the side and so on.


Ahead we had a group of kangaroo’s on an angle from the left forward and it was quite sudden. A few Roo’s jumped in front of us and my wife had to break a little bit, and there were one of two that jumped to the left into the bush. In that moment when the two veered to the left I felt there was another one running right next to me, so I naturally I looked to the side a little over my shoulder to my left and I notice this very big kangaroo. It was very strange because my brain was trying to make sense of it and it felt like time slowed down, and I was looking at this arm of a sprinter, rather than a kangaroo.


I would say that I naturally concentrated on the head, and what I could see was this humanoid figure, pretty much what looked like a 100 or 200 metre runner with the arms swinging back and forth. Probably because of the angle and my attention on the face I could barely sense the legs moving.


My brain was in conflict asking questions of what the heck is this thing; kangaroos don’t move their arms this way, is it human, no it’s too hairy, it had a round head and this muscle - and a canine looking mouth. It looked quite gentle actually, not like a like a long aggressive mass of a nasty creature like a hyena or something like that. It [snout] was quite gentle and soft in the way it went from the forehead into the nose, it wasn’t too long, and it was fairly short.


I also remember looking at the ears. They were set in the same way humans have ears. They were quite pointy.


I couldn’t tell you the colour, but essentially the hair had the tonality of the level of the darkness or lightness of the bush.


I was in a brain struggle and I felt that it was going to look at me and I really felt this dread and intense fear because I knew it definitely not a kangaroo, it was some type of weird creature and perhaps it was angry because messed up his dinner [kangaroos] for the night. And my wife, who was looking forward and driving the car, wasn’t aware of it and I thought if this thing turns around and pushes the car, we might end up going off the road, but luckily he didn’t look at me, he just turned abruptly to his left and disappeared into the bush. I remember seeing the trapezius muscle and the back of the head and ears and that was it.


Time slowed down. I saw if for 6, 7 or 8 seconds at most. I looked at my wife and decided to say nothing and my kids were sleeping it the back. I was completely baffled and kept it to myself. I was aware of creatures and things like that, and have had strange things happen in my life. It wasn’t extremely-extremely weirds, but it was weird enough that I didn’t tell anyone, but a few months later I did tell my brother who lives in the States [USA], and I sent him a message and we talked about these things. Then a couple of years later in 2017 when I was sharing my story with a few people and there were two women there with Aboriginal heritage and one of them mentioned what she described as a Noonoocoo [Sp?], sort of an ancient being from the dreamtime who essentially is a custodian of the bush and she said the Elders in their culture possibly had interactions with creatures like that in secret ceremonies, but she not being an Elder couldn’t corroborate that.


We were on Woy Woy road and had passed the little Kariong suburb and just before the National Park, there is the Royal Fire Service headquarters. It wasn’t even a minute past the headquarters.


The road is 80kmphr and she braked hard so we didn’t hit the kangaroos and my estimate we were doing between 50 and 60kmphr at the most. I would say it was a metre and a half away from me. It was a little bit behind me because I had to look over my shoulder. It was between my window and the back window. It was keeping pace with our car.


[Usain Bolt set the World record time for a human sprinter of 44.7kmphr in 2001]


The ears were pretty much like a human, but pointy. They were the size of a human but very pointy, but not the shape of a humans. Pretty much like you see in a drawing of a gnome or fairy. It was easily 2 metres tall [6ft 5”]. It was covered in hair all over and I could see skin thought it, kind of like a guy who is going bald. You could see the hairs coming out of the skin. He had the tonality of a cool moon, a greeny grey dead kind of colour.


From my peripheral vision I could see the top of the thighs, like when a runner lifts the knee on each leg. I could see the front of the thighs.


The skull was very round like a human. It was very humanoid, like a guy with muscle. Short hair that wasn’t too dense. A very gentle slope and curve from the glabella, where the forehead joins the nose on the brow ridge with a slight curve to the nose, short muzzle and fairly strong jaw muscle and I couldn’t see any teeth because the jaw was close. From my angle, the eyes seemed small and were set deep into their orbits and very dark. I wouldn’t say the eye ridges were like a cro-Magnon but a fairy pronounce brow ridge. It had pretty much the same length of hair all over.


I remember the hands moving and from my prophetical vision I felt the fingers were fairly long. In some ways it reminded me of pictures from Dr. Zeus. The fingers were hairy and had a long tip with dark tips like claws. From what I could see, there was no part any hairier than the rest, everything was covered with hair, even the muzzle, everything. I didn’t see any hair hanging off the muscles, so I would say probably the muscles had slightly short hair? 


Compared to a normal human, the snout was about 5cm forward. If you think of the tip of the nose to the chin, but 5cm forward. I felt it was more like a dog shape. It felt like it finished with a darkish nose. With a human the nose comes back into the mouth, and then you have the indent at the top of the top lip, this thing didn’t have that at all. It was like a dog. When the nose finishes, it just comes down straight to the chin. The nasal bone had a gently slope to the tip of the nose, then imagine it goes completely vertical down to the chin. It was pretty much a dogish looking nose. The rest of the head was humanish with hair and pointy ears. The nose was pretty much like a dog with darker hair than the body.


As you can see in my drawing, the tip of the nose comes down in a straight line to the chin. That’s why I had the feeling of a dog or a fox, on two legs.


I felt it was like a very lean and strong 100 metres runner, but a hairy one, and big. When I felt it was just about to look at me, it made a hard left and disappeared. I felt it was a male because of the body, but I couldn’t see any testicles or anything like that. It had a very well developed trapezius, perhaps a little towards a gorilla, it would be hard to find a human with a trapezius that high. Pretty much like a bodybuilder because the muscles were quite sculptured.


I still haven’t told my wife. Her world view is very different to mine. I know she won’t believe me or take it seriously. I will tell my kids when they are older. But I think I’ll keep my wife out of it.


I’m aware of the Dogman, but they seem to be a bit more canine in America apparently. The reason I contacted you was to see if someone had seen something similar.


Even though I have a background in science, all my life I have experienced weird stuff. Even though this is daunting and weird, I’m not that unfamiliar with stuff like this. Maybe not exactly like this, but in a way it wasn’t too bad. If it had of looked at me or given a bump to the car, probably the story [how I felt] would be very different. It definitely changed my life, but I wouldn’t say I was traumatised, not at all. I’m a more curious, a little scared, but more curious.


It’s changed my view of the Australian bush, now I think I would stay very close to the bush. It’s changed my view of what might be around, for sure.







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