Location: Berry Springs, Northern Territory

Event: Yowie/Strange Sightings

Date: 1995

Time: 8.30pm




I have had two sightings of strange things, one a couple of years ago and one about 12 months ago.


The first one was at night, we had bought a 50 acre lot with a shed and used to go down there on weekends and camp there so we got to know the block before we built.  Myself and my wife were in my 4WD Hilux heading down there on a single lane road about 8.30/9pm. We went passed the Crocodile Farm on the Stuart Hwy and the bush came right up to the road.



We were doing about 90km’s an hour and ahead on the road a creature came out and loped across the road. Not dead erect, it was stooped over with the head and shoulders down. It didn’t stop to look when it crossed the road. It was big. It was black. It would have been about 9 feet tall and bulky.

I didn’t stop, I just kept going.




The second time was during the winter, around May/June. I was heading into town by myself. I passed this thing and I thought was the heck is that? I had my high beam on and saw this thing. It was bent down like there was a pivot point in its body and walking. The arms didn’t move but at one stage the head bent all the way down and touched the ground and came back up again. It was very strange. It was so stick like, you could almost say it looked like a jet black 9 foot skeleton. That’s the only way I could explain it. It’s like it didn’t have a face. It was very strange.





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