Location: Blackbutt Qld

Event:  Sighting

Date: 2000

Witness:  Female.




I was coming home from Brisbane from New Year’s Eve Celebrations, I’m guessing it was approximately around 3:30am, coming from my sister’s home in the middle of the city.  I was a single Mum of four, I had my eldest son in the front of my car, it was a Toyota Tarago, so no air conditioning, windows down, they were all asleep.


I’m heading up the Blackbutt range, the range starts off with a really windy area, and then you sort of get to the top of that, then there’s another incline, and it goes up again.  It wasn’t on the windy part, it was going past that, going up to the next area which is called Benarkin state forest I believe.


I’m coming up the range, doing 100 kph, I’ve got music going, always got music going.  The Tarago is nothing quiet.  With the music going too I wouldn‘t have been stealth at all.


The range at one point, has three lanes, there’s an overtaking lane going up, I was in that three-lane area.  The bush is extremely thick there on both sides, there’s probably about a metre, a metre and a half clearance from the road before it hits really thick bush again. 


As I come around the corner, a slight bend, my high beam is on, all of a sudden my lights hit…this creature.  When I say creature, I knew jolly well what it was, straight away.  It was about 100mts in front, as I first had it in sight, the length of a big pool away, of course I’m still travelling at 100k.


I got it as its first foot landed on the road, it had stepped out from the left-hand side.  The first step and it was already halfway across the lane, then it took three steps.  By the third step it was already across the three lanes.  It had a long gait, it was moving quickly but not really, it could have moved quicker. 


It looked at me, it wasn’t eye contact because I had my high beams on.  It was moving its arms similar to the way we would, swinging its arms, when it was striding its arms were moving as well.  When it looked at me it sort of moved from the hip, so the chest turned as well as the head.   


The eyes didn’t have any reflection.  Whether it was just because it looked at me quickly and then turned, I don’t know.  I feel like it reacted to my lights, but I didn’t see a reflection.  I think they hurt its eyes; but it didn’t put its arm up to block the light.


It looked at me like I was a nuisance, I wouldn’t say it was angry, but it wasn’t happy.  It had a frown, eyebrows came down at the middle, like when someone frowns and gets that crease in the middle of your eyebrows, it was like that, and not impressed.  I saw it move out of that expression, not go into it.  It didn’t open its mouth at all.   


The colour of the face would be leathery dark, not black, but not far off it, like a dark grey sort of colour.  A bit of hair on the face, like on the cheeks, not around the eyes, not so much around the mouth but underneath the chin it was sort of beardy, probably like a couple of inch beard.


From what I observed, the length of the hair on the body was different lengths in different places.  Top of the head not so long, I’d say a couple of inches, but not on the face, that was shorter.  Then behind the backs of arms and elbows was longer, the back of the body and legs I would say that was a couple of inches as well. 


The hair was really dark red, that’s the best way I can describe it.  It’s still brown, but there’s so much more red to it, I guess an auburn colour, on the browns.  It was lighter on the front; the front was nowhere near as hairy as what its back was.   


To me the nose looked like a cross between someone with a very flat pug nose, and an ape like nose.  Like people have said about boxers, obviously no cartilage type thing in the nose to make it pointy or anything.  You could still… look at the nostrils, they weren’t just under the nose, but it was still… a nose, but it wasn’t like an ape where you just look at the nostrils.  My family is Aboriginal, some people are saying it looked Aboriginal, to me it didn’t. 


Easy between 7-8ft, I just don’t want to exaggerate.  My daughter’s friend is 7 ft 2 and I swear that it was taller than he is.  Definitely upright, I believe it has a neck, not like us, but like someone has overdone weights and the head sort of joins the shoulders because of all that muscle is joined in.  It has a neck, but it was all muscle.


As a girl, when I was about 5, I clearly remember going to the movies and seeing that famous American bigfoot movie.  There’s no way this was that thickness, not at all, it was much more lean than that, but legs and arms very similar.  Not as thick and muscular as the Patterson Gimlin bigfoot, it was much more lean, amazing looking creature.


 If anyone had a boyfriend that had that shape you’d be really happy.  Very big shoulders coming down to the waist, arms were longer, probably to knees.  Legs were shorter because the torso was longer, but I wouldn’t say they were short legs.  The hands were so normal, as far as I could tell, the fur or hair came down onto the back of the palms, but there were obvious fingers, and same with the feet, there was obvious feet, it wasn’t just all fur.


I would say it was male, it just looked like a male.  It looked like a cranky one, like a ticked off man, that was my thought.  The age (compared to human men aging) about 35-40.  I didn’t notice a smell.


It turned again and went into the bush and ducked.  But it was so quick, I’m moving quickly towards it, I saw it in my headlights, and by the time I’m really looking at it when it’s looking at me, I’m guessing it’s probably fifteen metres away.  I didn’t slow down, I don’t remember thinking ‘you should slow down’, I’m wanting to get a better look at this thing because it’s moving across the lane quickly.  


I’m shock excited, I guess is the way to say it, not scared, then as it crossed to the right side, it literally bent down and the only way I can describe it, it was like it turned into a stump.  When I’ve driven past, there’s a stump.  That’s the only thing that I questioned about the whole sighting, is how the heck it looked like it turned into a stump.

But I know what I saw, and it did turn into a stump, well when it crouched down it looked like it was a stump. I don’t think it turned into a stump.


I’m going back and forwards from Brisbane to Blackbutt all the time at that stage, at least once a week and when I’ve come back again looking at exactly where it was, there was no stump.  Whether they can camouflage themselves to look sort of like that, but it was pretty clear.

As I’m driving past I’m looking out the window at the tree stump… going, what the heck?...and that’s the only thing I questioned. 


I don’t know why I’m like this, but I see lots of things. It’s not just this couple of topics, the black panther, and the Yowie, we’ve come across a lot of things.  I have indigenous background so sometimes I think we are open to these things more than others.






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