Location: Robinvale, Victoria

Event: Strange Footsteps

Date: November 2008

Time: 10am


Details of Sighting:


In 2008 I was backpacking around Australia and ended up for three months working on an almond farm in Hattah close to Robinvale.

The reason for us being there was to earn a second year working holiday visa for working in a rural area and to earn some extra cash to continue our travels. My job was to fix leaks and monitor the filtration of the irrigation on the farm.

The farm unlike the ones in the UK and was way too big to go around on foot so we would drive our mules (off road buggies) around looking for leaks and flushing the system.

One day I remember not having much to do, so I though I would sneak off to an area I knew at the bottom of the farm for a cigarette. The whole of the bottom of the farm backed onto the new forest and was heavily wooded. The area I was headed for was the most remote part of the farm where there was a break in the barbed wire which went all the way around the perimeter of the farm.

There was a small track which was well worn and led perhaps fifty metres into the forest. I obviously wasn't the only person over the years using it for a bit of a drive. So I drove in, turned off my engine and there I was puffing away on a smoke when I heard footsteps of somebody walking through the forest.


I say somebody because they sounded like that of a large man walking on two legs with twigs being snapped under foot. This obviously got my attention as I was supposed to be working and didn't want to get caught with my feet up. The footsteps were heavy and I would describe them as plodding, they would go maybe four or five steps then stop for maybe 20-30 seconds at a time and continue.

I was pretty confident within a very short time that this was not another worker as there was no vehicle in the area and nobody would stupid enough to be walking around so far from the main part of the farm. I got off of my mule and quietly walked in a bit further to investigate, I perhaps only got another 20 feet when the footsteps just stopped dead.

All of a sudden what I can only describe as a very eerie feeling came over me and even though it was in daylight hours I didn't feel at all safe. It sounds cliché to say that I felt like I was being watched, but that's exactly what it felt like.

 Well let\'s just say a beat a hasty retreat, jumped back on my mule and got out of there. When I saw my boss at lunch, I mentioned this to him and made up an excuse as to why I was down there and he told me there would be nobody walking around in the new forest in that area and had no explanation for it.

I didn't even really consider it again until recently, when I Googled Robinvale where I was staying at the time and this site came up with yowie encounters in Robinvale!


After reading the Robinvale accounts I just thought what I heard was very similar and in the same area. I don\'t know how significant this story is, or whether it help you at all, or indeed if it was even just a random guy walking around the forest, one thing is for sure, it was a very strange experience.



I am happy to help with any further detail you would like to know about this story and you are welcome to use it as long as I remain anonymous.





Follow up Comments by Witness on 27-11-2018


Hi Dean

Just a couple of things I've thought about since I reported my experience in Robinvale a Hattah Farm a few years back.

I have obviously been obsessed with this since but a few things I have learned which are significant if this was a real encounter.

1. I worked on the farm for 3 months and used to hear knocking from the woods a lot. I even asked my boss about it and he said nobody should be back there, (My boss was pretty much my best mate at the time)

2. Although illegal. We went hunting with a 22 and double barrel shotty for Roo's. They used to chew on the pipes which watered the trees. We shot a Hare and a maybe 40lb Roo one night. My mate who was a native aboriginal Aussie made me throw it over the barbed wire fence with him as the Roo's are protected there....It was gone the next day or if it was there, we couldn't find it. It should have been easy (the hare was there for 2 months)

3. I often thought that I smelled a weird herby smell when at the bottom of the farm. Could have been nothing but I often thought I saw a dark figure out of my peripheral vision as well.

I only now think this is strange after researching wood knocks, a missing kangaroo, and weird smells, feelings etc are now making me even more suspicious?

No evidence as usual. but interesting none the less







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