Yowies leave a terror trail

Yowies Mythical creatures akin to America s Bigfoot move on to new stomping grounds tourists and residents are running scared By: MERILYN MacKENZiE.

Extracts from Gold Coast Sun 11-10-2006



TWEED and Gold Coast hinterland residents are said to be running scared after being stalked by mythical yowies ” a creature akin to America s Bigfoot in the past two weeks it s claimed these ape like creatures with blazing eyes and nine fangs have been s throwing rocks at Chinese tourists in Springbrook, on the Gold Coast and stalking a Main Arm resident on the NSW far north coast.

So numerous are the sightings of these solitary, nocturnal beasts prowling the scrub in Ormeau, Kyogle, Numinbah Valley, Springbrook, Tamborine & main arm that it s even a suggested tourist activity ” if you are not faint hearted. Mullumbimby environmental scientist Gary Opit, a self- proclaimed yowie expert, has himself seen and heard the yowieson the Tweed and on the Gold Coast and in Papua New Guinea.

He claims two distinct breeds were involved in the recent hinterland stalkings. The latest attack was on a tour group just two weeks ago at a Springbrook Lookout. Something was in the forest throwing rocks at them and making unearthly roars, screams and grunts, he said. That is the second confirmation in recent times because another fellow (from Main Arm) contacted me after having rocks throw at him.

Yowie researchers say the creature is akin to an abominable snowman, is faster than an athlete & stands up to 2.74 m tall with canine fangs. And apparently yowies eat anything. The creature is said to have thick dark skin, a flat nose and a smell which would make the strongest stomach turn. Gold Coast and Tweed witnesses say yowies have been known to steal chickens, eat from rubbish tips, scavenge road kill and raid fruit trees.

The first time Mr Opit heard and saw yowies was in the 1970s in Papua New Guinea and in the Lamington National Park on the Gold Coast. More recently he has heard territorial calls which he says are from a Yowie coming from the Koonyum Range at Main Arm, not far from Byron Bay. In Springbrook, yowie stories have abounded for decades and even National Park rangers have succumbed to telling terrifying stories of encounters with these gorilla-like primates with large eyes and long black hair.

Mr Opit said he had often heard distinct noises in the bush which he could only consider to be the territorial calls of a powerful primate. He says the creature appears to be similar to a species of animal which inhabited the world more than 900,000 years ago. As for finding a yowie footprint, one of those can measure 30cm to 60cm long and each stride can measure up to 1.5 metres. Mr Opit said after spending so much time listening to chimpanzees, gibbons and other primates, he was forced to conclude the calls emanating from the Gold Coast and Tweed hinterland were from a very powerful primate.

In one instance he was woken by a voice from the rainforest in Joalah National Park on Tamborine Mountain less than 300 meters from his house. It was a deep throated, booming yee-yee-yee-yee, he said. I could clearly hear the sounds being pumped out of a massive chest and the vocalisation sounded more like a big primate call than anything else. It was much more powerful than the roaring grunting of a koala or even the bellowingof cattle. Photos in the paper Described as APE-LIKE … an artist s impress on that depicts the mythical yowie as a nocturnal creature with glowing eyes. INSET: self-proclaimed yowie expert Gary Opit.


Horror stories date back centuries

The recent frightening sightings of yowies on the Gold Coast and Tweed are not news to Australian Aborigines who also feared these nocturnal ape-like creatures. 1982 The Gold Coast Bulletin reported an aggressive yowie was making it s mark on the Gold Coast hinterland after being spotted by 3 bushmen mustering on the northern slopes of Tamborine.

The first official newspaper report of a yowie in Australia was in Sydney in 1790. Aborigines also tell stories of a great ape beast living in forests on the south eastern seaboard. Yowie enthusiasts say the creature was almost wiped out by Aboriginal hunting, but that numbers of the alleged nocturnal wild primates are now growing. Back in the 1980s and 1990s Advancetown was a popular place to sight a yowie. Today yowie hunters say the creature is Australia s most baffling zoological mystery. They say despite a lack of photographic evidence and yowie remains, so many credible witnesses cannot be discounted.


Bush chase victim feared for his life.

DEAN Harrison says he was chased by an aggressive yowie in Ormeau and he believes the vicious giant Ape has in recent weeks begun stalking other bushwalkers. He said the creature which stalked him moved at an incredible speed and he feared he would be torn apart, but it retreated when he finally reached the safety of street lights. It was at night. I stopped before I went down the track to make a phone call to my wife, he said. She asked what was the noise of trees being felled, branches coming down and I thought it must be a bunch of kids. Then suddenly it became very quiet. A few minutes later I heard a twig snap and something was -moving very deliberately. It went on for three. or four minutes.

As we got to the edge of the bush I got thisalmighty chill from my head to toes, my hair stood on end I had goose & I was paralysed with fear. It was an – ungodly feeling of danger and it was so bad I was too scared to turn around.When I did, there was this seven-foot (2.1 metre) creature which looked like a Neanderthal or an ape. He ran and the stalker screamed and grunted as it chased him. It was smashing everything down and just going mad.

It ended up catching up to me. It was so big and powerful it would have snapped my neck. Since his terrifying experience Dean has sought to prove the yowies existence. He believes they all have different personalities from fun and playful to bad yowies such as the one seen at Ormeau. He said other residents had approached him and three SAS soldiers claimed to have seen Ormeau s yowie.

Photo’’s depict SNAPPED afte encountering a vicious yowie Dean Harrison has set up a bush camera to learn more about the creature. ‘, ‘Yowies leave a terror trail…






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