The Goulburn Evening Penny Post, 26 October 1912, p4.



[Mr R. W. Dawson of Goulburn had in his posession a letter written to his daughter in 1907 which contained a description of an unutual creature he had seen]

It appeared to be a tall man with a fur cap and a pea jacket, and running with a peculiar attitude. [His experience was confirmed at the time by one of the Summerells who said he had seen a hairy man in the neighborhourhood a short time before]

Another feature is this, that I spoke to Mr Fred Hefferman, of Thokom, some time afterwards, and he said he had had many a hunt for some animal because of the peculiar footprints he had seen (if my memory serves me right similar to what Mr Jephcott described), but failed to find it.

Subsequently I was approached by a resident living in the rough hills between Gunningrah and Bungarby to go out and take other citizens with me and examine some peculiar footprints in a creek.

The description tallies with Mr Hefferman's.







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