R. H. Mathews, Notes on the Aborigines of NSW (Sydney, 1907) p.26



[Mathews (1841-1918) was a surveyor who also collected a huge amount of accurate information about the aborigines.


This legend comes from the south coast of NSW. It seems possible to interpret it as a reference to the hairy man, although I know nothing further about the name Yaroma.]


The Yaroma is a creautre closely resembling a man, but of greater stature, and having hair all over the body. [Distinct from this, but still on the subject of names, I ought to say that according to Mr Rex Gilroy, the hairy man was always and everywhere called Yowie by the aborigines (see, eg The Sun Herlad, 14 December 1975, p.126).


The aboriginal Black Theatre Arts and Culture Centre of Redfern subject Yowie, but put forward the names Djunjari, Njnbin, Duligahl, Quinkin and Dhuarngin (see The Queanbeyan Age, 12 November 1976, p.1).


Neither Gilroy nor the Black Theatre give any supporting evidence for their claims though the latter are on present indications correct about Duligahl.]









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