Singleton Argus

August 25th, 1906





The Tantanoola tiger appears to be taking a rest for a time, for it is not been seen latterly -by mortal vision. But it is satisfactory to learn that this State not least is not altogether without- another animal -mystery.


Years and years ago there were tales about a Yahoo or bunyip that used to visit lonely river reaches and scare some of the ancient inhabitants out of their natural existence for a time. Now, however, in place of the tiger there comes a story from Pyrambul, in the Mudgee district, concerning an animal resembling a baboon.



It is averred that several reputable people have encountered such an animal, and that its appearance inspired them with the greatest dread. Now, this may have been a real baboon escaped from some menagerie, it may have also been our good old friend of past years, the bunyip, turned up again, or it may turn out upon investigation that it is only some political agitator, with hirsute appendages, who is early upon the warpath, and is paving the way for tho next Federal campaign.


It is a pity, however, if the latter is the case, that this apparition has had a chilling effect upon tho people who encountered it.


When some venturesome soul makes closer acquaintance this – baboon - may turn, out to be a very gentle politician indeed, who is making tho electoral paths straight for his party, and who retires occasionally into the woods to commune with himself upon the political situation.


For as - Nature hath made strange fellows in her time – the  political agitator may be found to be the presumable baboon.






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