H. Mathews, MS notebook no.5: "Thurga & Jirringan Languages 1901], pp. 5, 195.

The notebooks were (3.4.1974) in the posession of Professory R M W Dixon, Department of Linguistics, School of General Studiesm Australian National University, Canberra.

A copy is held by the Australian Indistute of Aboriginal Studies, Canberra. [The Dhurga and Dyirringan languages were formerly spoken on the far south coast of NSW. According to Mrs Eades (see [27]), Mathews is the only source of material for Dyirringan, which was probably a language seperate from and to the south of Dhurga (i.e. between Bega and Eden).

In the excerpts below note especially the name Thoolagal.] See p.195. Boom-ee-ga or Thool-a-gal or goon. -



A man man and woman bolted away into the ranges away from their people - They camped near a big tree - they ripped a sheet of bark and curled it around them - By and by they saw what appeared to be stars - said 'Stars are coming out'.

Saw the monster by the eyes coming down - It has two sharp prongs on hand - put prongs into one end of bark - man went to other end - It went to other end - man went back - this went on nearly all night.

It went into tree when its young ones were crying - man watched opportuntiy ran away - It cam down rang along with a direstick to prevent its smell rising - nearly overtook man who ran into water and kept quiet, - his nose only above in the reeds. It ran along both directions, but could see no sign and then made terrible stink and man swam away.

He went back to the camp, the woman had likewise gone away - These people reported the matter and the tribe brought some old men back to the tree, and this monster came down and faced them - The old men killed him with their sorcery and burnt the tree down and destroyed the young ones who were crying like children.

195 Myth - see p.5 Thool-a-gal or Moom-ee-ga: Lives in a hollow tree or in a cave. Like a man only larger - very strong - No hair on his head - has claws on fingers.

His feet are like ours. Several live together - He would catch blackfellow and take him to his own camp and eat him.







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