These were recorded by the early farmer/explorer John Green between 1850-1889.


[    *Anything to do Brett Green who handed this down - I am more than dubious of*    ] - Dean Harrison


18th July 1851 - in the Kenilworth region of SE Qld

"Dara has so informed me that Wupbi-Wupbi is not far away...We have reached the stream and plain called Wupbi/Ubi/Oobi and as it is not yet established, I have taken the meaning to reflect upon a place of an evil jungle spirit.


I do believe it is an abbreviated word from from Wubpikgan/Woo-bpik-gan/Woo-big-gan or Ubpikgan/Oob-pik-gan/Oob-big-gan. The word Wubpi/Woobpi or Oobpi is a male evil spirit...The Wubpikgan is his partner.

She is a female evil spirit who guards the jungle places and also does bad things. It is late and there is a cold chill in the air. Dara and David have arranged five fireplaces surrounding our campsite...I ask of Dara why so many fires. I should have taken note of their superstitions for he replies that they are to keep the Wubpi/Oobpi away.

The two of them indicate they will share time during the night to keep the fires aflame."


25th July 1851 - in the Connondale region of SE Qld.

"They are short, stout and of very muscular appearance. They are covered in thick black hair...Their hair and beards are long...They are completely naked...the stench of their body is unbearable...great hunters of the forests and jungles...

They come and go without being seen. They can hide in the undergrowth in such a manner that one can be touched or struck without their person being visible.

I am to wonder if these are the same people...who take people away when they dare enter the forests and jungles...the women made grunt-like expression during contact...the child hung to its mother on the breast in the manner of an ape.

These were the Woningityan/Won-ingee-tyan - the shadow men creatures of the jungles and forests..."

Undated record 1858 - west of Kenilworth SE Qld

"...I am told the journey west after reaching the Mary is rugged and covered in great jungles. We must keep to the trails we are warned for this was the land of the Woningityan - the evil spirit demons of the forests.


On enquiry I was informed that strange animal-men hid in the forests and took away those who were careless never to be seen again. Perhaps this was the reason why none slept during the night - they were in fear of the strange cries of a beast which traveled loudly in the still night aire.


I must confess that the hairs of the neck did rise in mild fear on one's person on hearing the callings...The journey has been treacherous. My clothing has been torn in many places and we all bear scratch marks from the vines.


We did not sight the animal-men of which much superstition was evident from the natives."






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