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I  would like to include my awareness of an Earth dwelling race with whom I've had experience, and would dearly love to hear from anyone that has info or comments on same.

Well... when I was 16 yrs in this body I had developed a passion for martial arts which I shared with a buddy who frequently practiced with me. We started with Tae Kwon Do and revelled in developing Ninjutsu techniques. One bright summery Tazi day we both headed off into the forests which are the eastern edge of the Tarkine wilderness near the NW town of Yolla.

We moved consciously and very quietly, practicing walking stealthily into the bush. We came to an old creek bed that was overgrown with manferns and bushes gallore. As we were crossing a fallen tree that spanned the creeks furrow, myself in front, I sensed that my friend had shifted his energy and had halted. I turned to see what he was up to. I beheld him staring motionless up the creek with an abject confusion. I thought it was a ploy, and if I looked where he was fixated he would then attack me, as was our wont to do so. I therefore lightly flurried him with a couple of playful blows as an initiative.

At which there was no reaction except a release of breath. I glanced quickly in the direction he was transfixed, upon seeing naught, I became confused and inquired as to what the bejeezus he was doing. It took a couple of askances before he muttered "Oh my God!!" as if in resigned disbelief. "What?" I beseeched, starting to loose my composure and raise my volume a little. "Look!! There!!" he whispered incredulously, and raised his arm pointing. I looked again missing the point, at this point I started to get frustrated and asked at normal tones "What!?" At this his eyes boggled and he began urgent exclamations to look and was pointing almost frantically. I still missed it, until he brought my head to his shoulder and I looked along the length and line of his arm. There to my utter amazement, approx 80 feet away, were two people... sort of, running away.

They had broad shoulders and arms longer than humans, massive backs of their necks, thick sparsely sprouting black hair 6 or so inches long which moved as though they were passing through water, and generally muscled all over. The one in the lead, taller of the two, looked sideways at us as they took off. His eyes almost glittered, great intelligence and wildness emanated from them, as well as a raw power that sat with them naturally. I only saw them for three seconds before they disappeared into the bush.

We both turned and looked at each other amazed beyond words. We both nodded and took off up either side of the creek bed very fast (we were both very fit, all we ever did was practice sparring and various acrobatics). We both converged on the spot where they were and wondered at what was going on.

Looking for tracks proved stangely fruitless, thence at a loss as what to think or do I entreated him emphatically "What did you see!?" after all he had been watching them for twenty to thirty seconds. He described them as both leaning over a young tree or bush, gently stroking its leaves and conferring with each other without noticable verbalisations. When they finally became aware of my exclaims they stood in shock looking at us, then ran for it. He concurred that just before they were out of sight they had started to shimmer and become translucent, as I had also witnessed.

We embarked on a dawning of awareness that this experience was outside of our realities and were having a bit of trouble accepting the fantastic nature of what we had been privy to. We ventured to pose the questions that called to be fathomed. "Who were they? What were they doing here? Why did they flee so?" Well the last was quite clear actually. As our excitement and adrenalin waned a little we turned curious and uncertain about the whole thing.

At this shift in our energy, up the forest in the direction to which they ran, came a tremendous booming as if a someone immensely strong had pounded a rubber coated sledgehammer onto a great hollow tree about 100 feet away. There came three evenly spaced whump, whump, whumps.

This gave us a bit of a fright at first, then a desire we shared and fuelled with an exchange that led us to run up to where the noises had originated in a hope to find them, apologize for chasing them and find out who these amazing beings were.

We flashed quickly through the forest again and found what we agreed was pretty much where it had came. At the base of a gigantic gum tree, again no tracks. We then looked about feeling a little vulnerable, dawning on us that we were way out of our depth here, and became a little chilled with the eerieness of indeterminable watchers of us. We considered that perhaps we had actually angered them, and that they might not be friendly creatures after all.

At this creeping wariness came more great whump, whump, whumps. This time they came from one direction another hundred feet away, another in a different direction further away, another quite near us, and more from many directions and distances all around us except where we had come from. This scared the crap out of us. We skidaddled out o' there as fast and cautiously as we could maintain. Leaving the bush we both voiced sensing a large male presence just on the edge of the bush watching us leave.

I made a connection with these beings and a Tazi Aboriginal Magician Spirit that I encountered when I was a wee bairn. Around the time all my SuperNatural experiences emerged.
Four years later in forest some 6 kms away I was with 7 mates all armed with rifles and shotguns waiting at dusk for animals to present themselves (horrendous activities I used to persue). Someone reminded me of the Hairy Bush People somehow and I related the experience.

As I got to the point of describing how the whumps were coming from every direction it started again, the first a dozen feet away right near us, then multiple as before. Everyone started to wither and an almost panic descended upon us, we retreated as though we were commandos... very spooked and enfeebled ones! We raced out of there quick smart.

A friend's father saw one down the west coast and had great difficulty reconciling his experience.
Another friend was quietly walking through the forest weaving strips of bark about sprigs as she sung her spells softly. As she came around a tree she bumped face first into the chest of a Yowie. Looking up into its face she started screaming as did he, both quite shocked.

She said they both stood there screaming for a while and then both just petered off into stillness. She had an opportunity to witness this beautiful beings power and majesty, describing an incredible intelligence as well as an ancient primordial spirit. As an uncomfortable silence overcame them she found herself turning and sprinting away. As she pelted off, she tried to stop her legs from taking her away from this incredible thing and longed to turn about & engage him in communication. But those legs were taking her outta there.

I met an Aboriginal brother who I knew would be able to tell me something of all this. He said that amongst his people in SA, a river tribe, they are called Goompas, meaning "Ghosts", and that they "...have the keys to the other dimensions". Which is a term applied by Native Americans as well. He also said that only the initiated elders had anything to do with them and that there were areas that you just didn't go because of the Goompas using that area. He also expressed surprise that they were in Tazi, which I found curious.
I've heard that quite a few reliable peoples have seem them in Tazi. I've heard about a mountain in northern NSW where thay are quite active and disturbed by human development.

Finally, in a Dawn Star Lodge Circle (Native American Magickal group workings), a friend asked what these beings were to which the Lady conducting the Lodge replied that at the turning of the last world (as in Hopi chronology) they were with us humans. As were two races of Star people (those not of the Earth). And will be with us again at the turning of the next world, which is nigh immenent.








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