The Freemans Journal, 13th of April, 1878





A CORRESPONDENT, on whose good faith we reply, the same who sent us some particulars of the reported appearance in a Western district of a strange creature resembling a hairy man gives the following additional information on the subject:-

It is now about 18 months since I first heard of Pat Kings adventure with the hairy man. I thought as little about it as my neighbours until I got the recital from his own lips. I fancy I am pretty sharp in detecting falsehood, in a certain link between the voice and the eye, bit I could see no reason to doubt the story.


Moreover, the character of the whole family is above reproach. I have since seen the young mans sister, who tells me when her brother Tim ran home and told about the sight he had seen, he was as white as a sheet, and gave a better description in a few more particulars than his brother.


She likewise reports another meeting with this strange thing. A settlers daughter having gone for the cows, an older sister,  thinking she was long away, went out to assist her.


On turning the corner of a bush fence, about a quarter of a mile from the hut, she suddenly stood face to face with the stranger. No doubt both were frightened, as they stood watching each other, until the sister called out that she had all the cows, when the hairy creature turned about and walked leisurely away.


This last adventure, like the three black crows, took all shapes as it reached our neighbourhood two years ago.


We always doubted the existence of this strange animal, but after conversing with some of the actors, and hearing the recital from neighbours who live beside them, we see no reason to discredit it any longer.







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