Gold Coast Bulletin, 14th of March 2000.

A Yowie Puts It’s Foot in It.



A TEAM of Yowiehunters say they are one step closer to proving the existence of the elusive bush creature after a terrifying attack in rural Gympie last weekend.

The Australian Yowie Research team, which is dedicated to tracking down Yowies, said they had recovered a stool sample and footprints following a terrifying encounter with a campervan rocking Yowie in mountainous terrain near Gympie.

“It’s just so damn exciting,” said Dean Harrison the group’s founder and director. “We are close to proving they really do exist.”

Mr. Harrison said while the group was camping out in the secret location, a Yowie attacked a campervan belonging to two of their guests.

“The van was about 15 minutes drive away from us and our guests had basically come along out of curiosity,” said Mr. Harrison. “Suddenly this Yowie started rocking the van. The people inside were so terrified they couldn’t even open their mouths to speak. We just heard this ‘Oh my God’ over the two-way radio.”

Eventually, the Yowie stopped rocking and ran off into the bush. Mr. Harrison, who claims to have once come face to face with a Yowie, said he wished he was inside the van during the incident. “I am so over the moon. We went out and tracked this thing down,” he said. “We are going back in four or five weeks but we are going to need about $5000.”

Mr. Harrison said while he was they found the hot spot which would prove the Yowie’s existence, the group was disappointed the couple in the van did not have any cameras. “Had we managed to capture the Yowie on film, that would have proved it for once and for all.” He said.

But even without photographic evidence, Mr. Harrison is confident the stool sample and footprint will be important evidence. The sample will be sent off for testing and a plaster cast of the footprint has been made to preserve its mammoth proportions.






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