Location: Queanbeyan, A.C.T.

Date: 11th Oct, 1976

Source: Brisbane Telegraph

Reporter: Max Hawkins

Title: Yowie rewards a real Zowie!






Australian Capital Territory and Snowy Mountains residents awoke this morning to the question: Has anyone seen a two metre tall ape-like man?


If anyone can produce such a creature the finder could earn $100,000. The Queanbeyan City festival has offered the reward to encourage people in the areas south of Canberra to the Snowy Mountains to look for what is called a Yowie.


Queanbeyan is nine kilometres (six miles) from the centre of Canberra. Cooma at the entrance of the Snowy Mountains is 112km (70 miles) away. Queanbeyan City festival organiser Mr Jim Belshaw said today the hundred thousand dollar reward offer was genuine.

Reports of sightings of the Yowie have increased over the past few months including pictures of footprints in local newspaper The Queanbeyan Age.


Mr Belshaw said he did not know whether the Yowie existed. The festival did not have the money at hand but saw no problem with meeting the reward. “I would imagine the Yowie would be a very significant national and international interest if he were found. The reward may encourage people to search further.” Mr Belshaw said.







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