Town and Country,

November 4th 1876





The Milbury Creek correspondent of the Bathurst Free Press says:-

A resident of this place returned from the Fish River some forty miles from here, a few days ago, and told me that he had been informed by a respectable settler in that quarter that a party of sawyers, working in the Walla Walla scrub, came upon the dead body of an unearthly looking animal, human or inhuman they could not tell. It stood about 9 feet in height, with head, face and hands, similar to a mans.


One of its feet resembled the hoof of a horse and the other was club-shaped; the body was covered with hair or bristles like a pig. For many years past it had been believed by the settlers of that wild part of the country, that the Walla Walla scrub was inhabited by a monster commonly called - the hairy man of the wood, - or what all the blacks stand so much in dread of--the Yahoo.


Horses and cattle are said never to have been known to enter or remain in the scrub.






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