Queanbeyan Age,

August 24th, 1886


The Jingera Yahoo.




WHILST a young man named Flynn was looking after stock at the back of the Bredbo station one afternoon last week, he was surprised to observe a hairy human form, about seven feet in height, walking in the bush.


The wild man walked with an unsteady, swinging, and fast step, his arms being bent forward and nearly reaching the ground, whilst the colour was described as  - bay - between a red and chestnut.


Flynn did not take a second look at the uncanny creature, but rode as fast as he could to the homestead of Mr. Crimmings, nearly two miles away, to whom he reported the strange, mysterious affair. Since then, Mr. Crimmings himself has interviewed the monster, and his account tallies exactly with that given by Mr. Flynn.


But Mr.Crimmings heard the animal make a cry that sounded very like Yahoo. We hear that Mr. Joseph Hart, of Jingera, also saw the Yahoo as he was returning  home one afternoon. The strange being is, no doubt, the WILD MAN that has been so often talked of about Jingera for so many years past.


It is the intention of Bredbo and Jingera residents to scour the bush in a strong body and capture the monster alive or dead. For this purpose they will meet at Mr. Kellys hotel Little Plain on Monday next to organise their forces and obtain a supply of ammunition.


Should they capture the wild man alive, it is to be hoped the men of Bredbo and Jingera will feed him up and keep him till the Centennial Exhibition is open.






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