Illustrated Australian News – Melbourne

June 17th, 1871






More tidings of the Australian gorilla. Since the report of the strange animal seen by Mr. George Osborne on the Avondale Ranges, and which he supposes was a gorilla, has appeared, speculations regarding the existence and species of that natural curiosity have been rife in the Illawarra district.


Several parties have been exploring the bush and gullies in the supposed whereabouts of his gorillaship during the past fortnight, but without success. Recently, a party of between twenty and thirty gentlemen assembled in the vicinity indicated, with dogs, ropes, and firearms, but without obtaining either scent or sight of the gorilla. Strange steps and marks were noticed up the side of a fig tree in one of the gullies explored, but on the tree being laid low, an -old man opossum made his appearance instead of the gorilla.


A person who has resided on Bulli Mountain for several years, positively asserts that an animal similar to that seen by Mr. Osborne, but considerably larger, has been seen in the bush in that locality more than once, and by different persons, and that no dogs can be found to face it.






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