Maitland Mercury

October 11th, 1877






Mr. Prosser, manager at Messrs Amos and Co.s sawmills at Amoss Siding, near Sutton Forest, has just informed me that a most peculiar animal has been seen by two men, Patrick Jones and Patrick Doyle, residents of Sutton Forest, in the bush between Cables Siding and Jordans Crossing.


Mr. Prosser himself has seen the footprints; they are three feet apart, and the impression made by the feet is similar to that of an elephant.


The animal is described as being seven feet high, with a face like a man, and long shaggy hair, and makes a tremendous noise.


Fourteen of the men from the mill, fully armed, intend starting on Saturday next to endeavor to capture this wild man of the woods, and most probably your correspondent will accompany them.


Mr. Prosser assures me that there is no exaggeration about this affair, and every one at the mill believes in the existence of this strange creature.






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