The Monaro Mercury and Cooma and Bombala Advertiser.

September 21st, 1872




ANOTHER MYSTERY – For the past eight or nine days (says the Braidwood Monitor) and animal has made its appearance at a place known as the Giants Cave, at the Pound Creek, which has caused nearly as much excitement as the much talked about but seldom seen, Bunip.


Some of the person who have seen it pronounce it to be a monstrous Wombat, others say it is a native bear, while others again say it is a Gorilla.


However, whatever it is, none have been able to get within reach to have a cut at it with a stick or shot from a gun.


It is to seen generally of an evening sitting on one of the rocks in which this place abounds, and upon the approach of any individual makes a chattering noise and immediately disappears amongst the rocks or into a hole, while these who have been in pursuit cannot find his secreting abode.


Last evening there were many lads and others who were on the look-out for it with the hope of a capture – dead or alive.







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