Victorian Express 
Date: 26 April, 1882



Elliott Brockman has shot a gorilla, at the Augusta, and another of these anthropoid apes has been seen. Such is the rumour, which adds, that the height of the slain individual is no less than 8ft. 6in.


The Busselton correspondent of the West Australian, says they must be the survivors from some wreck on the coast—not reported.


He is, very probably, correct—so many vessels come cruising along our shores, laden with eight-foot gorillas, and other rarities of the animal world.


History repeats itself with wonderful and invariable exactness, and the vessel which was cast away on the Augusta coast, was, of course, a counterpart of one of those big packets that, in Solomon's time, used to come from Tharshish, with gold and gorillas, silver and salamanders, pine-planks and peacocks, to rig out the old Jew's menagarie in the Laud of Canaan. I hope, however, that Mr. B. hasn't made a mistake, and potted an extra long nigger.