Queanbeyan Age New South Wales

Date: December 14, 1871


We gather from our Cooma contemporary, that "from the fastnesses of the Jingeras, adjacent to or in the district of Monaro, comes the startling intelligence that a 'wild man' has been seen in that place.


A little girl, the grand-daughter of Mr. Joseph Ward, senior, of Mittagang, asserts that she has seen an old man, whose back is bent, and body covered with a thick coat of hair, --in height (to use the girl's words), about the same as her grandfather.


The strange being in question had nails of a tremendous length on his hands, and he seemed desirous of shunning the girl. The main points of the assertion are given with remarkable earnestness by Mr. Ward's grand-daughter; nothing can shake the simple outlines of her story.


Confirmatory of the above incident, is the statement made by Mr. Kelly, of the Jingeras, who says that he has himself seen the 'wild man.' Anent the above, there is a tradition among the settlers of this place that the mysterious monster, the "yahoo," is a denizen of the mountainous country where the 'wild man' has been discovered, and that it is only observable in stormy weather, or on the approach of bad seasons."