Strange Animal.
The Sydney Morning Herald 

Date: December 11, 1866



For two years past a strange animal has occasionally been seen by people in the bush near the Murilla Mountain, and various have been the descriptions given of the creature, so that we have been doubtful of the reports and fancied the animal was nothing more or less than an old "wallaroo," as the locality of the Murilla is very wild and rocky, and the wallaroo is found in such places; but within the last few days two persons have seen the creature that has caused much alarm to a whole camp of stone breakers and roadmakers, sixteen or seventeen in number.

It is described as being three feet six inches high, standing on its hind legs, the fore legs or arms could about touch the ground. It was covered with shaggy black hair all over.


It made a most horrible yelling when the parties rode in the direction of the rock it stood upon, showing a very fine set of teeth. It made a spring at its disturbers, who put spurs to their horses and fled. The blacks in this district are aware of the existence of these animals, and state that there were a great number of them some time ago.

 The place where this creature was seen is one of the wildest places that could be found on the northern line of road, at the back of the Murilla Mountain, or as it is generally called, the "Murlow." This creature evidently belongs to the ape type.


Has one of these creatures ever made its escape from confinement, or are there any of such creatures in the country? If so, it is strange they have not been spoken of before this. The utmost reliance may be placed upon the statement here put forward.