Sydney Morning Herald

Date: July 12, 1843




We cannot find a better conclusion to this week's article, than the report of a monstrosity which is at present the theme of wonder, as it is of terror, in the neighbourhood of Mangrove.


We are credibly informed that several parties have been unexpectedly alarmed by the sudden appearance of a monster, which they designate a Yaa-hoo (from the noise he makes), who has come upon persons when encamping at night and to others in the vicinity of their houses, he is described as being nearly seven feet in height, with feet apparently like human feet, only of enormous size, with his visage turned backwards, and his body covered with apparently a down; he appears to be harmless, never having been known to commit violence, and always utters his uncouth Yaa-hoo.


There are parties who persist in stating that he was close to their house in Mangrove, and others who declare to having met him on the road to Wicketty-Wees.


We merely give the facts as stated to us upon our return, and which upon enquiry, we find firmly persisted in. We recollect hearing of a wild man once haunting the upper districts in the vicinity of Pitt Town and presume the present to be another of il genus mirabile.

Hairy man: