Location: Barclay's Island, New South Wales


Event: Footprint Find


Date: 1978


Source: Newspaper Clipping







Huge footprints found near the Clyde River have people stumped. Three men and others working close by, were called to examine the large prints.


Mr. Small who measured the prints says that he put his size 10 boots next to the Human looking prints and found they were a third larger again. He said the prints looked like Human bare feet, but measured 18" long by 6" wide.


Mr. Small said that he weighs 15 stone, and when standing next to the prints, he could not make even a close impression in the ground.


The stride was longer that of the tallest man. Mr. Short said if they were done by a prankster, they did a precise and detailed job, but there were no other markings around prints, so he ruled that out.












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