Location: Batemans Bay, New South Wales

Event: Footprint Find

Date: Aug, 1979

Terrain: Remote beach at Batemans Bay

Source: Newspaper Article




Reported: Two Canberra couples reported seeing huge man like tracks across the sand leading into the bushes.


The people said that the footprints came from the water and straight up the beach, but the unusual thing, besides the size of the prints, was that they were in pairs, like it had hoped all the way.

 Mr. 'M', said that he'd been a shooter for many years, and they definitely were not Kangaroo prints.

The prints were at least a 3rd longer and wider of a mans footprint and had very distinct toe markings.

The women became very scared and insisted that they all left the area. They added that this area of remote beach was uninhabited by humans and there were no other tracks around the area or in the sand at all.









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