Location: Bourke, New South Wales

Event: Possible Yowie Encounter

Date: 1999-2000

Terrain: Bushland




One of my encounters was in West NSW, near Bourke, where my brother-in -law and I go and hunt a bit. We were hunting with dogs, chasing pigs, I suppose it was about 12 months ago.

We lost a dog, he had chased a goat over into the scrub. We searched for a while, and then started heading back to the car. We were probably about 1 kilometre from the car, and the dogs turned around and just stood there growling.

We could always tell if they could smell something, as they would take off in the direction. This was really strange, they just stood still. We walked on another 50 metres or so, and the dogs did the same thing again, just turned, stood still and growled. Then in the trees, we saw the shape of him. My brother in law just said, let’s get out of here.

We go hunting probably every 3 months in different spots, and I've probably had 4 or 5 sightings in my lifetime.








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