Location: Bowen Mountain, New South Wales

Event: Sighting

Date: Nov, 1982

Source: Barry Porter




Barry Porter and Kelly Trompp  were playing in front of her Mother and Fathers house on Maple St, Bowen Mt. Across the road were two ? built new houses and behind them wa snothing but bush to the horizon. There were many undulating ranges and gullies as far as the eye can see as well as two creeks, the first one kilometre to the west and the other larger one three kilometres south west, plus a medium sized waterfall/waterhole to the south east and many caves on each side of the sighting area.


Right on dusk, Kelly and I (we are now married) were playing handball on the road, when, I guess I had the feeling someone was watching us. I looked up behind the houses that were under construction and noticed that approximately 70 metres away, a tall man-like figure with broad shoulders and a narrower waist and really long arms was watching us underneath a tree.

I had to check myself to make sure it wasn't just a tree playing tricks on me in the dusk light, so I asked Kelly if she could see it and she confirmed. She said "what is it"? and I said "I think it's a Yowie"? (I had been given books on Cryptids by my father when I was young, and knew about this type of creature, I took it for granted that others did too).

We both watched for what was realistically about ten seconds and then the thing walked off behind the houses. We both double checked with each other what we felt we had saw.

We agreed that what we had seen was real and then ran home and told our parents. They did not believe us.

My father who was a Biochemist believed such creatures existed but wanted me to be sure it was not a Kangaroo or other animal. It wasn't.

Only this year, my mother in law told me that something very large had banged on their walls late at night in 1978. It was so big that the bangs sent shudders through the house, which was brick. At the time they were the only house within 200 metres of any neighbour.

There were no teenagers at their end of the mountain at the time to play pranks. This happened for the first year that they were then and then abruptly stopped. Every time my father in law went outside with his rifle but the perpetrator could not be found.


They did not think to look for footprints and the banging happened right next to the sewerage tank, so there was always an odour on that side of the house. Nothing else was noticed around the house. ALSO NOTICED Large termite nests 100m from the sighting had been ripped open and probed with sticks.


This went on for three years after the sighting.









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