Location: Braidwood (Batemans Bay Road), New South Wales


Event: Yowie Roadside Sighting


Date: 1995/6


Source: Interview with Mr & Mrs. Garfoot Recorded Nov. 2000


Terrain: Asphalt road through bushed area, large amount of road works








The six of us, my wife and my four children were travelling in our car, towing a trailer behind. We had stopped for morning tea in a little township at the top of the plateau. It was towards the middle of the day, and we were travelling on the downside of the mountain toward the coast.


I thought it was time to pull over for a while and give the brakes a rest, I had mistakenly not done this in a previous trip and had problems. There was a lot of road construction happening, so there were a number of wide areas where we could pull over.


I got out of the car, and walked around, just to check all the tires, and smell the brakes, a good excuse to stretch the legs. I was at the front of the car and my first view of the creature was in the side mirror.


I said something to my wife, I can't even remember what it was, I turned and faced where we had come from, and she turned and looked out the rear window.


About 150 metres back up the road on a bend we had just come around, we saw this man-like creature walk across the road from the left hand side bush up over the shoulder of the road.


It crossed the road, into the turning bay used by the trucks working on the road construction, and into the bush on the opposite side of the road. It had appeared to have waited for us to pass, before it crossed the road. But it looked back over it's shoulder, as it walked on a diagonal across the road. Maybe it hadn't expected us to stop, and sensed our presence.


The creature appeared to have no clothes, but was covered in a light brown/fawn hair from top to bottom. It was large, 7 foot or taller. But it disappeared into the bush fairly quickly. It seemed pretty determined to get across the road, almost as if it knew the dangers.


From where we were, it looked like it just looked over it's shoulder, but I have no memory of a neck as such. I would say it would be at least 120 kilos or more in weight, it was an upright sturdy figure.


The arms seemed to hang lower than a humans'. It's appearance was a bit like that of a shaggy sheep dog. The fur was textured in some way, sort of like matted goat hair, and this gave different coloured areas.


The head had a very human like face, lacking hair. It definitely moved upright, and had a determined walk, sort of different to a human walk, I think it took shorter but faster steps. It's hard to remember as it was walking diagonally away from us.


I don't remember the hands swinging, I think they just hung at the side.




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