Location: Coffs Harbour, New South Wales

Event: Sighting in Banana Plantation

Date: July 1980

Terrain: Steep Banana Plantation terrain backing on to forest & bushland



The man, a middle-aged Itinerant worker, claims to have spotted the elusive Yowie on a Baombee banana plantation. Wishing to remain anonymous for fear of ridicule, his articulate description and obvious fear lend some weight to his claim.

He said he saw a seeming half-human, half animal form bristling with masses of red hair at the plantation. Firstly he thought he was seeing things but the next day he caught a fleeting glimpse of it again dashing through the plantation. That afternoon, he collected his pay, vowing never to return there - and he hasn’t. Because of expected "rubbishing" he didn't breathe a word of his bizarre experience to anyone, not even his wife.


With the strain bottling-up the sighting became to such, he had to talk to someone so he came to Wednesday Magazine. Yowie stories have long been rampant on the North Coast, stemming from a long held legend of the birth of a half human-half yowie child almost a century ago.





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