Location: Deepwater, New South Wales

Even: Yowie Sighting

Date: March, 2004
Witness: 'DB'





Hi Dean,

I was camping with a couple of friends on a mutual friends property by Deepwater River on the South side probably 6 or 7 kilometres East of the Highway.
A local property Manager/Caretaker had called in to say hello and check us out and give us some good oil on the fishing spots. He told us to go up to the pump shed and fish the deep hole there. We checked it out and I had a look 2 kilometres or so up the River/Creek at some great spots along the way. One spot formed a natural funnel on a bend in the River that went into tea trees with tunnels all through it.

Went back to camp rested up till the afternoon then went back to pump shed hole for a fish with a friend in his F100, we were also going Rabbit shooting on our friends property before dark.
I caught a small Cod in the pump shed hole and was keen to hit the good hole on the corner I'd checked out earlier. My friend was recovering from a Broken leg was resting at the F100, and said "How long are you going to be, its getting dark, we have to go shooting." I replied," I'll be 20 minutes, I'll travel light."
I dumped my digital camera [doh] and one lure pack out of my bag and took off for the corner hole. I was sneaking up the creek in full stealth mode, cammed up and wind blowing in my face, while having the odd cast along the way till I got to the corner.

I positioned myself for a fish with my profile hidden by some bush and was quietly fishing and enjoying the twilight colours on the ridge 50 metres or so away, when I saw this dark creature moving towards the tea tree bush. I froze. The wind was in my face and it had no idea I was there. Thoughts were running through my head what it could be?
The closest thing I could come up with was a pretty faced wallaby? I kept looking - Oh No it wasn't. It looked a bit like A cross between a Bo lobo Ape and Neanderthal man, with no neck with fur like a German Shepherd on its back that I saw in profile like a dogs hackle.

That's about it Dean. I've been back to take some photos of the site.  






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