Location: Eden, New South Wales


Event: Yowie Sighting


Date: 1998


Terrain: Gem fields backing onto thick bushland


Witness: Maria Speer








I had lived in Eden for 9 years and the incident took place in a quarry while fossicking for crystal quartz. I collect stones and crystals of all kinds, and it was a lovely sunny afternoon when I decided to go up there.


I made my way to the top of the hill and started looking for specimens, when something made me look up. I stood up and was quite shocked to see this big man like brown figure standing at the edge of a bushy area some distance away.



I had never seen anything like it in my life. It was staring at me and for the next six seconds I just froze in shock and stared right back.



It would have had to have been 6ft tall, very bulky and well conditioned, the neck and shoulders seemed to be as one with the neck looking almost non-existent, the arms were long and the creature was standing upright giving me the overall impression that it was more manlike than anything. Then in an instant he turned and took off very quickly into the thicker bush.


I then made haste and got out of there too, and all the time as I’m running away I could hear the crashing and noises made by the creature as it made it’s getaway from the scene.



I get the feeling that I surprised whatever it was, that it was already there before I arrived. I don’t think it snuck up on me, as I didn’t hear any noise of breaking twigs in it’s approach.


I chose very wisely on who I told about the incident afterwards, and until my sighting I hadn’t heard any stories or urban legends on the creature in the area until I told this one couple, who then opened up and told me of the husband’s experience with the same kind of creature 10 or so years before in 1980, taking place at another site in North Eden.



As I explained the creature to him, he could relate instantly to my words.




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