Location: Engadine, New South Wales


Event: Yowie Encounter


Date: July 25, 1987


Date of report: July 28, 1987


Source: The Mercury, Hobart, Tasmania


Witness: Michael kiriloff, Zdavko Juovic, Jason Brice, Jim Kikouolis, Stanley Garis and Jim Jugovic


Comments: Two of the Witnesses contacted the AYR some years ago and said the Police covered up the true story. According to the Witnesses, Police had their guns drawn at the creature before making a hasty retreat.


According to our Witnesses,  Military Chopper flew above. Not long after the area was fully fenced. The witnesses were disappointed by the Police story in the media, calling it a total 'down play' and cover up.








Sydney – Two policemen were dispatched into the woods last night hoping not to get a big surprise. They were stalking a Yowie  , an ape-like creature which a group of young people claims scared them at the Woronora Dam on the southern outskirts of Sydney on Saturday night. Seven people, in their teens and early 20’s, claimed they were confronted by a huge, furry creature, standing more than two metres tall and clutching an animal carcass with half its flesh torn away, Engadine Police said.



They said the beast growled angrily before stomping off into the bushland near the Dam in Sydney’s southern suburbs, leaving the carcass behind. The Macquarie Dictionary describes a Yowie as an ape-like man, two to 21/2 metres tall, believed by some to roam in certain parts of Australia, especially southern NSW.


Two Officers from Engadine Police Station were sent to investigate. A Police spokesman said they found giant footprints and heard noises from the bush, but they did not catch sight of any creature. A spokesman for the Southerland Police dismissed the suggestions that a Yowie had been sighted. An Engadine Police spokesman said yesterday that locals had reported a wild man living in the bush near Woronora Dam, living off animals and plants.


Further Engadine Newspaper report from the Sydney Morning Herald, dated 27th of July, 1987.

An ape-like creature terrorised a group of eight young people near Woronora Dam at the weekend, and left behind a stripped carcass and fresh tracks. Engadine Police were expected to patrol a bush land road near the dam, West of Waterfall, early today.



Constable Alan Wendt, of Engadine Police, aid last night that since the incident locals had told him of a wild-man, a tall Polish immigrant, who had lived near the dam for several years.

“He supposedly lives on raw meat, so that could be what they saw the other night,” he said. “I’m not saying it is or it isn’t, but it might make a bit better sense than a Yeti.”



The creature, seen by seven of the young people, strolled down from a rocky hill and crossed the road carrying a carcass, in full view of the group. The group retrieved part of the carcass and took it to Engadine Police Station. The Police said when they arrived at the scene they heard noises in the bush land. They also found tracks, which they described as fresh. “[The witnesses] seemed pretty genuine,” said one of the Constables. “You don’t get eight blokes coming down from to the Station with a carcass unless they’ve got a good reason to. They obviously saw something.”


The youngsters had been going to the isolated spot for a number of years, since one of them heard what he described as “Werewolf like growls” from the bush. “We heard the growls again last week, but this was the first time we actually saw something.” Said Tom Jugovic, 18.



The group arrived at about 10pm on Saturday, and waited for what they said was now a regular show. When the sounds began, Tom and another youngster attempted to get closer. The creature crashed through the scrub towards them and scrambled across the road. Tom and his friends fled in fear, while some of his friends shon a torch on the creature.










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