Location: Evans Head, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Encounter

Date: Summer, 1983




I was working for a recycling company at the time and was picking up a load of scrap from a local scavengers place, out the road, 4kms West of Evans Head.

I stopped the truck and started loading it quite fast as I was running late and didn’t want the people that lived there coming out and waffling on so it was head down bum up.

After about 10 minutes I could hear some noises in the bush about 50 yards away I didn’t think much of it and kept going.

Then about 5 mins later from the same spot this deep growling started It was the scariest sound I have ever heard it sent shivers down my back and It was a hot northern NSW day.

I was curious and decided to go have a look in case it was some animal stuck in a piece of scrap metal or hurt somehow. So I walked up the track to the edge of the bush, as I got closer to the bush the sound got louder and louder and more angry and snarly the closer I got to it. By now I could smell this rotten dead sort of stink it was really rank and thick you could “chew the air”, you could sometimes in that place anyway.

I looked into a small clearing and could not see anything the sound was getting very very angry almost snorting, It was just across the other side of the clearing in the thick bush about 15 metres away.

I was petrified and ran back to the truck quickly, threw a few more things on the truck then put a few ropes over the load and

got in the truck. I lit a smoke and wound up the windows, I could still hear that sound but not quite as angry now.

As much as I didn’t want to go up to the house about 30 meters behind me, I had to pay the people so I wrote out a docket etc and went to the house. The house was unoccupied so I left the envelope under the door and walked back to the truck now I was walking back toward it. It started getting louder and angrier again, I jumped in the truck and drove out the track just past the clearing you could still hear it as I drove past.

I’ve only ever been scared this much once before in my life when I was 14 on a canoeing expedition. If you have read my first encounter you will know what was behind that bush.





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