Location: Hawkesbury River, New South Wales


Event: Yowie Sighting


Date: 1997


Terrain: Rocky Cliffs and thick bush land surrounded by water.









Three men returning from a fishing trip at 11pm had just pulled their Boat from the water off the Hawksburry River and were loading the rest of their gear into their car when they all heard a crashing noise at the top of a high hill peak.


The hill was extremely steep and impossible for a Human to climb comfortably, one man said that it was a kind of Hill that you would fall down rather walk down.


They listened to the noise up above when suddenly a huge two legged creature "ran" at high speed down the side of the seemingly impossible terrain. "This thing ran all the way down like it was a flat running track" stated one man.


It crashed through trees like they were toothpicks all the way down. They stood still and watched as this "thing" turned around at the bottom and raced all the way back to the top again as if it was totally effortless.


It was very dark and the bush was very thick, far too hard to get a good visual. They said there was no doubt that it was on two legs from the thunderous footsteps and to this day they rarely talk about it for fear of ridicule.


One man said, "I feel that we all know what it was, but who would believe us?"


The Hawksburry area is covered with impassable cliffs, caves, water and bush land. There are many tails of the Yowies in this area from the Convicts in the 1800's to today in this area.













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