Location: Hazelbrook, New South Wales

Event: Yowie under House

Date: 1994

Terrain: Quiet street with valleys on both sides of the road.

Source: Neil Frost

A couple living in a pole home on a quiet street knew of the Yowie that roamed the houses on a nightly basis.

One night they were sitting in their lounge room when they heard a heavy banging noise that made the house vibrate.

They sat and listened for a while when the man said, "he's under the house". The Yowie was walking along under the house with it's hand in the air slapping the beams as he went.

The man raced outside quickly and it startled the Yowie so much that it ran at a great speed into one of the poles. The people said that it rocked the solid house almost 2". The Yowie ran off into the night with a bruised ego.

This Yowie was said to be somewhat notorious. The man wouldn't have given chased if he didn't know that it would ran. The neighbours still have a laugh about that story to this day.

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